Sunday, February 12, 2012

Charley Bear: 5 months

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I'm already a week late in posting this and if I don't hurry and write this stuff down my months are going to run together. For example in the past week (which would be in her 6 month update, not her 5 month) she finally decided to roll belly to back. But I can't include that here because she didn't do it in month FIVE. Technicalities.

So yes. My sweet baby is now 5 months old! Gasp! They don't lie when they say it goes by fast. Even my favorite cashier at CVS asked how old she was now (Charley wasn't even with me) and couldn't believe she was already five months old.

We took her used-to-be-weekly-but-now-monthly bear picture on her five month birthday as well.


And just so you get an idea of what the monthly bear photo sessions are like, here are some outtakes from the 45 pictures I took in hopes of one good one.


So yes, it's always an adventure with a not-yet-sitting baby and a super inquisitive cat.
Earlier in the month I shared the video of Charley's first time rolling over. She went from back to belly first, and Tuna had a surprise appearance in the video if you haven't seen it yet. She also can do the tripod sit for only a few seconds before falling over now. Feet are constantly in her mouth, along with whatever other toy/blanket/parent's finger she can find nearby. That about sums up her latest tricks.


Even though the pediatrician suggested we wait until 6 months to start cereal or any kind of solid food, we actually did give Charley rice cereal twice this past month. It was during a week where she was drinking a good bit more than normal and I was having trouble keeping up at the milk factory. So I tried giving her cereal to see if that would be the little bit of extra calories she needed to keep her belly fuller for longer. But, I really didn't think she was ready after that trial run. I tried one other time, and then pretty much decided to wait to see what the pediatrician says at her 6 month appointment. Doctors don't go to school for all that time for nothing!

Charley also has just now started to be a wee bit attached to her Mama. That'd be me. She cries sometimes when I walk out of the room and the tears and frowns turn to smiles the second I return. I know it's just a stage, so I don't mind at all. I like that my baby needs me!

The only other thing I can remember from this month is Charley's awareness of the cats. She saw them before now, obviously, but she's finally watching them. And is curious about them. And when they come close enough to her, she is grabbing fist fulls of fur if we don't catch her quick enough. You think they'd learn their lesson and stay away from her little hands, but, they are genuinely curious about her too.

So that's her fifth month in a nutshell. Next month will be half of a year (!!!) which pretty much means it's time for me to start planning her first birthday party.
Happy 5 months, Charley Bear!
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MillerMama said...

So cute! Amelia is starting to do the crying when Mommy leaves thing and has been noticing the cat as well.

Shannon said...

She is so adorable! Ethan has started doing that whole crying as soon as I'm out of his line of sight thing. Its sweet but it makes it hard to get anything done lol

'HoulaMom said...

Wait, she's HOW old?? No....

Love her outtake pictures! You are too smart, I never even thought about posting those. Wait, I'm not organized enough to do monthly updates, anyway.... ;-)

Great post, Lacey!

Joy said...

I LOVE the outtakes too! Precious!!! She is growing TOO fast!! :-(

Heather said...

I am obviously waaay behind in reading your posts ... what the heck? life with a little one leaves me no time for pursing the internet!

Anyway, just wanted to say Charley is the cutest thing! Hard to believe how fast she is growing but also so fun to watch her little personality shine too!