Monday, January 23, 2012

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge: Day 10

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge
& finally, I can actually finish a blog challenge. Unlike this one, and this one that I gave up on. Late is better than never! For Friday December 9th, the topic was this: NYE memories/pictures.

 Let's start with the first day of the new millennium. It would seem that since I was in the midst of my senior year in high school with no shortage of friends that I would have great memories from this New Year's. But no. I don't know where everyone was, but none of them were with me and I wasn't invited to wherever they went. My little feelings were hurt as I sat at home watching Dick Clark and wondering if Y2K was about to happen. It didn't, and then I went to bed.

Fast forward 7 years. Sure, I spent a couple of NYEs in between there having fun, but nothing too crazy [read: I have no pictures to share from those years.] So in 2007, John and I had been dating 3 years and were celebrating with a lot of his friends at a house party.

Wooo! Party!!!

2008 was more of the same. Only we hosted the party at our house this year. Oh, and apparently this is when Soulja Boy's Crank That was popular because there are an abundance of pictures from the night of people doing this in my living room:


2009 - what do ya know? Another party at our house...except we went to a local bar for the early part of the night.

Hi Drew! Way to ruin our picture!

2010 - We attempted a party at our house for the third year in a row. I think 5 people came, and I fell asleep before midnight.

2011 - I would find out I was pregnant in 8 days, but I went with my best friends to a party. (I'm seeing a trend here.) John stayed home this year.

2012 - I went to, you guessed it, a party at my BFF's house. John stayed home with our sweet baby.

So basically, I go to a party every new year's eve. I've never done a NYE where you get all dressed up and pay some ridiculous cover charge to eat a few appetizers and have a glass of champagne at midnight. But, when I put it that way, why would I ever even want to celebrate NYE that way?

How do you usually celebrate NYE? & how proud are you of me that I actually finished a blog challenge? I wonder how many points I'll get deducted off of my grade for being 45 days late...

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