Friday, January 6, 2012

Elevator Music


This all started last spring. I was pregnant and out yard saling with my family. This particular day, my nephew Vince (he was 13 at the time) came along with us and brought a friend along who presumably was also 13. He normally scopes out the yard sale from the car, and after determining that there isn't anything there he's interested in, will stay in the car listening to music while we go to the yard sale. This time his friend was along too, so as many 13 year olds do, he was trying to up his cool factor around his family.

Which, is why at the time I assumed we were subject to listening to the HORRID music on the station he requested. It was rap and it was absolutely terrible. I like rap. Rap is cool. I mean, Lil Jon or Outkast or Eminem always make me crank the volume up a bit. They also bring back memories of me shaking my booty to those songs in bars. That was back when rap was cool.

This was the first clue, although I didn't realize it until much later.


I am a big fan of XM radio. I have had it in my car for the last 4 years or so. My absolute most favorite station was 90's on 9, most likely because those are the songs that were played when I was in high school, and everyone resonates with the music of their high school days the best. So, no biggie that I was mainly listening to "older" music of another decade. I was still cool since occasionally I'd flip to the more current stations too.

But then the XM subscription ended & we chose not to renew. I have a 6 CD changer in my new car, plus I just wasn't getting the enjoyment out of XM anymore, so we decided it wasn't really worth the money. My subscription ended sometime in December.


LiveElevatorMusic300There are a couple of local radio stations in my city that play Christmas music 24/7 from Thanksgiving until Christmas. (maybe even earlier than that, but I'm not 100%). I'm not a HUGE fan of listening to these stations for my Christmas music because they play the same 10 Christmas songs over and over. But, when all else fails (such as XM being cancelled and being forced to go back to the AM/FM dials) I will listen to them, so I normally go ahead and add them to my presets in my car during the month of December. They aren't a normal preset for me because I have always considered these stations to be elevator music. In fact, in high school my friends and I jokingly teased one of our other friends for liking this particular radio station calling it elevator music.


If you didn't know, I am now back at work after my 12 week maternity leave. I used to ride the train in every morning before I had a baby, but now I drive because it saves me about 30 minutes a day, and those 30 extra minutes a day are precious to me as they make up the little bit of time I get with Charley each day. Anyways, my drive time each day totals up to one hour and 35 minutes, or 45 miles. This includes me driving to work, leaving work to drive to get Charley from her babysitter's house (my lovely sister) and then back home. Which means way more time in the car. When I was only taking the train and didn't have a baby to retrieve my commute was a total of 14 miles a day. All that to say I spend a lot more time in the car these days and therefore a lot more time listening to music in the car.


The culmination of all of these events led to a great realization recently. I have noticed on more than one occasion that I have ended up on the elevator music station and have been singing along and really enjoying myself until I would glance over at the dial. And at that point, I would scrunch up my face, look over my shoulder to make sure no one noticed, and quickly change the station to something more current and cool.

I never changed that preset back to a cool station after Christmas music was no longer being played. And since I use the little button on my steering wheel to flip through radio stations, I was inadvertently landing on elevator music station and liking what I was hearing. I mean, who doesn't like Richard Marx's Right Here Waiting or Seal's Kiss From A Rose?

And then "accidentally" landing on the station became less and less...accidental. It started to become intentional. And before I knew it, I was spending all 45 minutes of my drive jamming to elevator music.

And that's when it finally came to me. I didn't like the rap on that station my 13 year old nephew liked. I was always listening to 90's on 9. The rap I do like is old. I no longer go out and shake my booty. & that's when I realized: I AM NOW MUSICALLY UNCOOL. It's a sad, sad day.

I'm not ready to admit that I'm not cool in other ways yet. But I've come to terms with the fact that I'm now musically uncool.

In other news, we don't even have music in our elevators at work so that's a dumb way to describe music in the first place.

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Monica said...

Haha you are not alone! I dont know when it started exactly butat some point last year i started too!