Monday, December 19, 2011

Is It Just Me? [Slumpy Slanty Shoulders]

I find great relief in asking "Is it just me, or..." to you. I've asked twice before, and both times people have reassured me that I am not in fact crazy, but that they also felt like a giraffe neck or a caped crusader. I'm looking for some more reassurance this time.

Anyone else feel like they have super slumpy, slanty shoulders? Kinda like this, maybe?


And, it's not even the way I think I look in the mirror. It's the way the slumpy shoulders perform every morning.

You see, I carry three bags in with me to work every day. I have my purse, my pump, and my little cooler bag that carries my lunch and Charley's milk for the next day. I try to balance them out and hang the pump bag on one shoulder, the purse on the other, and the lunch bag in the hand of the arm that has the purse, since it is lighter than the pump. We wouldn't want me falling over from an imbalance, after all.

But, every single day, I feel like my shoulders must be super slanty as I spend my entire 4 block walk each morning and afternoon yanking my bags back up on my shoulders. They won't stay! What am I doing wrong?! I never see anyone else during my walk with this issue.


So how do I fix it? Is it hopeless and just a design flaw in my body? In that case, should I ask Rihanna if I can borrow her shirt?


If I had that, I bet I could carry tons of bags on my shoulders! I could just slip each handle around it's own spike!

Seriously though, is it just me??


Heather said...

Happens to me too ... I struggle with my diaper bag the most. Seems when I'm carrying the car seat + diaper bag I'm always losing it. I think it's just a case of us carrying too much in one load :)

Rachel said...

I have no children, therefore I have no diaper bags, but I still have slanty shoulders. The bags always end up in the crook of my elbow with my hand flailing about like an air traffic controller. OR...I squeeze my shoulders up and pray no one sees me carrying my bags.

Meghan said...

I am SO glad I'm not the only one who deals with this!

Jeff said...

I vote for the Rihanna shirt. It's the only possible solution.

Jess said...

Right there with you! Purse, pump bag, gym bag, daycare bag, all going in different directions, plus the carseat and a willful toddler to wrangle is quite the adventure! I have switched to only wearing cross-body purses, which has helped make sure that I don't lose my purse/wallet/keys on some random sidewalk!