Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge: Day 8

Okay, I am determined to finish this even though I'm now a full week behind. Oh well, whatevs. It's not Christmas yet so it's all still relevant. I hope I don't lose too many points for turning in my homework late.

And, I'm not posting these last few in order. I'm such a rebel.

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

The topic for last Wednesday's Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge is this: Your Christmas wish list.

I tend to be practical even when requesting gifts. You'd think if it was a gift I'd be okay with lavish, unnecessary spending, but sadly I just can't do it. But if I COULD do it, these are some things I'd be okay with getting.

1. A Massage Gift Card

massage chillin
I will also need a flower in my hair during my massage.
 I have never had a professional massage. My ex-boyfriend actually gave me a gift certificate to get one once, and I never used it. I was far too insecure with my tiny, skinny, not-an-ounce-of-fat-on-it body to strip down and let someone give me a massage. But now, in my non-tiny, stretch-marked, have-an-extra-pooch-left-over-from-pregnancy body, I have decided that I'll strip down for someone to rub my achy shoulders with no second thoughts at all. John is anti-massage and will only rub my shoulders if I have begged and pleaded for a week. I'm thinking my change of heart is due to two things: 1) The number of people that have now seen me naked due to childbirth and/or breastfeeding, and 2) Desperation since carrying so much stuff each day hurts my shoulders & back. [Daily, I carry a purse, my lunch bag/milk tote, my breast pump - which is quite heavy, FYI, a diaper bag, and Charley + her car seat. Of course I only have those last two items in the afternoons when I go to pick her up, but still. That's a lot of crap to carry!]

All of that to say, I would like a massage gift certificate.

2. Camera Stuff

I assured John after I bought my latest lens that I was finished buying camera stuff. But, there are just a couple more things I would like to own one day.

Tripod. Extra dorky flash. Couple more classes.

3. Boots & more boots.

I'm not a boot fanatic. I don't need a million different pairs to match each outfit. But, I feel like I don't even have the basics covered. I have a flat, brown, suede pair and a black suede heeled pair, and some cowboy boots and rain boots, but neither of those get much use. I used to pretty much wear ballet flats all winter long, when not at work, of course. But now, the tops of my feet have developed some sensitivities to the cold weather due to them getting used to boots. And who could deny the tops of my feet warmth?

The day after Thanksgiving Kohl's had a lot of boots priced at just $29.99, and I still couldn't find what I wanted. This is all I'm after: A black or grey pair of leather (real or fake) FLAT boots. No heel. No suede. And possibly with some sort of cute element, such as a buckle, or some slouchiness, or something. Doesn't seem like it'd be that hard to find! But maybe it's not that it's hard to find, it's just that it's hard to find when you are as cheap as I am!

These are decent.

So yes. A pair of boots or two. Not too much to ask I think!

4. Toms

Staying on the shoe theme, I also wouldn't mind a pair of Toms. Apparently they are very comfy, would solve my issue of top-of-the-feet-warmth, and there is no heel on them so I won't be taller than John. (I only wear heels when I'm at work, for the most part.)


5. Custom Wedding Photo Album

Found here!

I've had this marked as a favorite for 2 years now, and have yet to justify the price to myself. I absolutely love this photo album, but can't ever seem to fork over the cash for it. But if it was someone else's cash and/or decision I'd have no problem with it!

6. Undies

I feel slightly awkward putting this on my wish list because it's a necessity of life and I shouldn't be WISHing for undies as I'm pretty sure they are in the budget, but, Charley is 3 months old and I've yet to get myself some new drawers.

I also feel awkward knowing that I always share each blog post on my Facebook (so that my Mama sees them), and I am Facebook friends with several coworkers of the male variety, and here I am talking about my unmentionables. But, if they weren't scarred by all of the boob talk in recent months and I still have a job, then I guess I'm okay.

So anyways, I'm sick of wearing pack underwear and would like to go back to pretty undies. Pack underwear is a godsend while pregnant, but it's time to part ways pack underwear.


Take notice of the one word for women's unmentionables that I did NOT use. I loathe the word. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it starts with a "p" and ends with an "anties". Blech. What an awful, icky word!

7. Sapphire Jewelry

I would love to own a piece of jewelry with a sapphire on it. It is Charley's birthstone and I think it would be nice to own something sapphire in honor of my baby! But, what I don't like, are those recently popular necklaces or bracelets that spell out the kid's names and have their birthstones, etc. (Like this one.)  It's too much. I think it's the word thing I don't like. Ick. I would just prefer a ring or a necklace that I know represents my baby and doesn't spell it out for everyone else to read. Make sense?


Any other cool things I should be wishing for this Christmas?

And, several times as I was making this list I realized I was about to wish for something for Charley and not for myself. It's started already - no longer wanting anything for me anymore and wanting to give everything to Charley. Perhaps that is why I've yet to buy myself some new underwear and I'm buying her new underwear (err, diapers) every other week.


MillerMama said...

I hate the "p" word, got a massage about a month ago, and now totally love those headbands. Stop stealing my thoughts!!!

Anonymous said...

You're not taller than me in heels...Unless you wear stripper heels.