Friday, December 2, 2011

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge: Day 5

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Day 5 is this: Ideal outfit for Christmas/NYE festivities. Since I'm SUCH a fashionista, this was right up my alley.

Let's start with the ideal outfit for Christmas. This is such a no brainer:


Isn't that what everyone wears on Christmas morning while sitting around opening gifts? No? Well, this is what we wear at my families' Christmas celebrations. I would consider you a scrooge if I saw you wearing anything else.

For New Year's Eve, I tend to dress more for function rather than fashion. Everyone knows that on New Year's Eve you are supposed to go to a NYE party and get so drunk that you don't even remember the new year starting at midnight. In an effort to make sure I reach this goal each year, I go for function with my outfit.

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It's definitely not about the outfit for NYE, but about the accessories.

[No offense to the hosts of this blog challenge! This particular subject was just not my cup of tea...the day I make a "fashion inspiration board" will be the day that I start tracking my outfits using a spreadsheet. Oh wait, I already do that.]


Simply Mily said...

bahaha i love your Christmas outfit =) and the accessories!! You can never go wrong with that!!!

Allison said...

Haha love this! Thanks for a good laugh!

Meghan said...

You crack me up woman! I love it!

rkjalernpan said...

Glad I stumble upon this! Love the NYE accessories

Monica said...

HAHA! I think this might be the best post for this link up I have read today! I have so much trouble putting together an outfit I feel lost half the time.

lifeofadoctorswife said...

This is hilarious! I got a good giggle imagining myself in that Christmas getup at my in-laws' on Christmas morning!