Sunday, November 27, 2011



I have a million things I feel like I need to share with blogland. But, my countdown-to-back-to-work timer is currently reading 39.5 hours and instead of blogging I've been smothering my baby girl with attention. Currently she is napping though, so I felt like I could maybe fit a whole bunch of stuff I've wanted to share in one quick blog.

Charley was a ladybug for Halloween. I'd say she was a happy ladybug while we went out trick or treating with her cousins, but then I'd be less than truthful.


I continued my tradition with personalized Christmas ornaments this year. And, John didn't get the chance to throw them in the trash, so all is well in our household!

I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to continue with just a John + Lacey couple ornament and then a separate yearly ornament for Charley, or if I wanted to just do a family ornament each year, or if I wanted to do a family ornament + a Charley ornament. But, if I didn't do a family one I would never get the chance to order this ornament so I decided to do both a Charley ornament and a family ornament. And if I want to one day have that ornament, I better get busy. Move over Duggars!

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Anyways, I'm so happy with them and if you wanna be cool like me and order some too, go here. I swear I don't know these people and I'm not paid to endorse them. I just really like their prices and their work. You can't get these kind of ornaments at Hallmark!

Tuna is still around and as pretty as ever. Also as annoying as ever. I did absolutely no photo shopping to this picture. His eyes are just that pretty.

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So the success was short lived. Sure, we got her to take a cute pacifier a few times. But, taking a pacifier in general was usually a fight. But you know what's even cuter than a pacifier? A certified thumb-sucker. And it looks like that is what we now have. Now that she's figured it out, she's a pro.


Which, I'm sure is why she has yet to lift her head while on her tummy. She's spent all of her time learning the thumb sucking, and just hasn't been able to focus on head-lifting. One thing at a time, she says.

 If you are a part time couponer, or you would like to start couponing just a little bit, start with CVS. They are, by far, my favorite place to coupon. I get all of our personal items here - shampoo, razors, soap, hair products, etc. - and just couponing there makes my $1.00/week I spend on the Sunday paper well worth it. On Thanksgiving day, I woke up at 7, fed my baby, and rushed to CVS for one of their biggest sales ever. I walked out of there with all of this stuff, and I spent...


...nothing. They actually paid me $7.00 to take these items off of their hands. All that's missing from the picture is another Snickers bar, a Balance protein bar, and a Starbucks double shot espresso drink, which all somehow got consumed before I was able to take a picture.

I've talked about Halloween, I've talked about Christmas. Somehow I skipped over Thanksgiving. Wanna know what we did on Thanksgiving? We ate.

And wanna know what else? I went to a parade with my family. Which happened to be #78 on my 101 list. It wasn't as great as we all remembered it, but we still had a good time. It's not like the Macy's parade which has giant balloons every other float. We just had one balloon in our parade, and by the time it got to us it wasn't much of a balloon at all.
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It looks like it may have been a Turkey, but it lost it's stuffing at some point along the parade route.

And finally, wanna know what else I've been spending my time on? Making bird mobiles for my Etsy shop. Since I first mentioned it to you, we have sold another 13 bird mobiles, for a grand total of 15! That means we have sewed (John) and stuffed (me) 120 birds and shipped them off to far away lands such as the elusive United Kingdom and the even more elusive Canada.

I know I've shared this picture with you before, but I'm sharing again because it's cute. And I need a picture to go with this section.


So that's what's been up with me. What's up with you?


Megan said...

Charley is adorable in her ladybug costume! And of course I always love to see my favorite Tuna :)

MillerMama said...

CVS is by far the best for couponing. They let you use store coupons and manufacturer coupons AND their ExtraCare bucks and whatever else you can get your hands on in one transaction. I paid like $16 for $60 worth of stuff one day.

Oh, and Charley and Tuna are also swell ;)

Laura Diniwilk said...

Charley is so flipping cute! You have my permission to post as many pictures of her as possible, whether it relates to the content or not.

I am impressed by your coupling skills, perhaps one day I will stop being lazy and start doing the same.