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Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge: Day 1

Okay. I'm a couple of days late, but I wanna play too! And so I'm just gonna invite myself over and jump right in. Even though my Mama always taught me not to invite myself over because it's rude. Sorry Mama!

[Quick side story: When I was little/teenagerish, my very best friends lived up the street from me and their house was the friend's hangout house. Their parents allowed a revolving door of friends to come in and out all the time and we were always welcome there. But, as I mentioned, my Mama taught me to never invite myself over somewhere. So if I were to go ask her if I was allowed to go to Angela and Amy's house to play, she would sometimes question if I invited myself over because she never heard the phone ring, and I'd be busted. Even though going to their house never really warranted an invitation. So, the creative, devious little thing I was figured out how to trick her. [I'm really sorry Mama!!]

They are going to kill me for sharing this picture. But I had to! We were so cute trying to look all bad ass (except for sweet lil Amy that has a hint of a smile!)

There used to be a phone number you could call which would allow you to hear a dial tone, hang up the phone, and within seconds your phone would ring right back, and when someone picked it up it would just be a dial tone. Ha! Tricked you! It was great for pranks on your older sisters when they were waiting for a phone call from their boyfriends. But, in this case, I started using this number to make the house phone ring, which I'd quickly pick up and then hang up, then call Amy and Angela to make sure they were home and up for some playing. Then I'd go ask my Mama if I was allowed to go, and since she heard the phone ring she'd assume I'd gotten a proper invite. And I was off! I love you Mama, and I'm sorry I was such a little trickster! She was just trying to instill some good southern manners in me!]

Anyways, on with the show:

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

This is a 2 week blog challenge that is holiday related, and is being hosted by her and her. Here is the complete list of topics, and it's not too late! You can play catch up with me too!

Day 1 is this: Your Favorite Gift You've Ever Received

Well, we all know Big Bear was a big hit from Christmas 1989. But, I probably wouldn't consider that my favorite gift ever. My favorite gift ever may actually surprise some people.

I feel like most people would say that their favorite gift was something big. Like, if they got a car for Christmas, or an engagement ring or even a house. (House?! Do people really get houses for Christmas? If so I need to temporarily join that family!) But mine isn't big or expensive at all. Sure, I've gotten jewelry from John for Christmas, or the KitchenAid mixer that I wanted from my parents, and although I absolutely love any and all gifts, they aren't the ones that stand out in my mind.

For Christmas 1995 (I was 13), my sister Christy gave me a big box of stuff for Christmas. The box was wrapped, and then once I opened it, it was full of many other gifts that had all been wrapped individually. As I started opening them, I realized that this gift was full of a ton of crafty things. Felt and buttons, pom poms, wiggly eyes and pipe cleaners. It was an entire box full of craft supplies and I absolutely loved it.


My sister Christy has always been the craftiest of us all. She is a bit older than me, so as I was growing up I remember how she always was making crafts with all of her cool supplies and she'd often let me help her. So this Christmas she decided to get me tons of supplies of my very own because she knew how much I'd like them. It didn't cost much or seem like much, but here it is 16 years later and I still remember this gift.

Buttons! Yay buttons!
Here is the reason I loved it so much - it wasn't something I asked for, but instead was something she thought of herself that she just knew I'd love. That is my favorite thing about giving gifts myself - I really try to think of something that I know that someone will love. I try to stay away from ideas on a wish list, and only get those if I just cannot think of something else myself. [For example, anytime I'm buying for any of the men in my family! Sheesh, they are so hard to shop for!] And so, when someone does the same for me I not only appreciate the actual gift, but I really love the thought that went into it. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and loved inside and I really look forward to giving and receiving gifts like this.

But, in my family and friend's defense, APPARENTLY I'm a tough person to buy for. APPARENTLY I make too many blanket statements about things I don't like - such as shirts with words or cartoon characters, decor with words, etc. etc. And then APPARENTLY that makes people nervous to stray from my wish list because who knows what other things I despise. But, that's okay. I love them anyways and I will still enjoy buying for them each year, much to my grinch of a husband's protests.

What has been your favorite gift ever?

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