Friday, November 4, 2011

Charley Bear: 2 months

In the same fashion as I did the 1 month birthday, here is the two month update.

We are still taking the weekly pictures with Big Bear. But, I accidentally missed the 6 week picture since we were at the beach that Sunday. I meant to take it on Friday night before we left, but packing for a week for a 6 week old baby somehow took up all my time that day. So, we have 5 weeks, 7 weeks, 8 weeks and 2 months.


She weighed 10 pounds and 7 ounces at her doctor's appointment today and was 22 inches long. She is chunking up quite nicely! She can still wear a lot of her newborn clothing, but can also finally fit in some 0-3 month stuff as well. I admittedly have way too much fun getting her dressed everyday! She also got her 2 month vaccinations today and she cried, but only for a few seconds. She's a trooper!

She loves: napping on Mommy, napping on her tummy, sleeping in general, mornings, ceiling fans, bath time, her changing table (due to the bird mobile above it!), my boobs, and trying to eat her hand.

She hates: getting buckled in her car seat, being stationary in her car seat (she's gotta be moving if she's in the thing), bottles (we've got 3 weeks to get this under control), pacifiers (ugh!), Daddy's scruffy face, and having her arms swaddled.

We love her to pieces and don't bother getting dressed, brushing hair, brushing teeth, etc., before spending time with her while she's awake in her room on the weekends.

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We always make sure to wear matching pajamas to bed.

I will be back at work by the time her 3 month birthday gets here, and that makes me sad! But, my sister is going to keep her everyday for me and I know that I am very fortunate for that.

Happy 2 month birthday my Charley Jane! You are so very loved, little lady!



Laura Diniwilk said...

I was thinking that Charley looks more or less the same size in all of the bear pics, and then I realized that's because she is a NORMAL baby, whereas I have a BEAST baby. Lucia was 12.34 pounds at her 2 month appointment (!)

Missy said...

Wow 2 months already! Time is flying by!

Joy said...

Awww! Happy 2 month birthday sweet Charley! It's amazing how fast she has grown!! Wow! I LOL'd at your PJ pics! just kidding... that LOL was strictly for irritation purposes!! LOLOLOL! :-)