Tuesday, November 15, 2011

101 Updates

I've still been working on my 101 list. I have nearly a year and a half left, and I really need to get moving on some of these if I expect to complete my goals. Eek. Here's what I have managed to complete so far.

43. Have a baby.


Oh, hi!
5. Get a pedicure.

This may come as a shock to some of you more high maintenance people and you may say this is a freebie item on my list because "who doesn't get a pedicure?!" but, I don't really get pedicures. I got my first pedicure before my wedding in 2009. I didn't even wear open toed shoes at my wedding, so it was really for my honeymoon since I knew I'd be spending a week barefoot. I enjoyed it, but didn't deem them necessary. After that, I went back to painting my own toenails and was quite satisfied with that.

Then, in August, I had a problem. Shoes weren't fitting so I was flip flopping around everywhere. On top of that, I had a big thing keeping me from my toes.


Yes, that big thing.

John did paint my toenails for me once, but then I decided I may as well just go get them done so that I don't have icky feet when I'm sticking them in the nurses faces during delivery. So I went for my second pedicure ever.  (And lucky for me Charley came just 4 days later!) It was nice of course, but, I'm back to painting them on my own again. I'm too cheap to throw money away like that!


8. Have breakfast in bed.

After Charley arrived, John was given a week of paternity leave to help out with our newest addition. My sweet husband made me breakfast in bed TWO days in a row! It consisted of cinnamon pancakes, bacon, and eggs and was so delicious!

Nevermind the fact that he woke me up to eat it when I was already waking every two hours to feed Charley. I'd say a hot, yummy, breakfast in bed more than makes up for that! ;)


23. Spend an entire day without turning on the computer / no internet.

Okay I lied. I have NOT completed this one, and this one is giving me the most anxiety. When I was on vacation last month I thought I would complete this one of those days, but no dice. I couldn't do it, and that's really sad to admit. A WHOLE 24 hours? Who made this silly list?!

25. Carve a pumpkin.

I actually did carve a pumpkin this year! I used the baby as an excuse to do it this year, because what kind of parents would we be if we didn't carve a pumpkin with our child!? I am an overachiever also, so I went with the classic carving: cat within a pumpkin.

If only I had taken a picture of Reese and Tuna next to it.

And also, I may still have this jack-o-lantern on my porch on November 15th. Since jack-o-lanterns are clearly a Halloween decoration, I just turned it around backwards since pumpkins can remain through Thanksgiving. What smell, neighbors?

60. Get a bike.

Got a bike. At a garage sale. Are you surprised? I paid $30, I think. It was somewhere between $20 and $40 at least. What a bargain!

Anyways, as number 76 in my 101 list states, I must take a picture of each item. I envisioned a cheesetastic picture of me riding the bike and waving at the camera, but, my impatience isn't going to allow that to happen. The bike is at my parent's house currently, and I am not going over there just to take this cheesetastic picture. Instead, I am going to share this lovely picture I text messaged to John after I bought the bike at the garage sale.


And, for added measure, you can also peek a glimpse of my bike on the left in this picture of my Mama riding her bike - which coincidentally was also bought at a garage sale.


63. Get my car windows tinted.

Remember how I just got a new Honda Pilot? Well, before that I had a Honda Civic and we traded that Civic in on the Pilot. Wanna know how to up your trade-in value by about $500? Tint the windows right before you trade it in!

Yeah, no. That's a lie. Tinting the windows does next to nothing to the value of the trade-in. Therefore when we got those windows tinted mere weeks before trading it in we essentially just flushed our money down the toilet. That's what we get for being impulsive.

Did I ever tell you about the time we bought brand new tires for a car we owned and then traded it in a month later? Yeah, that impulsive bug bit us again. We aren't very patient people.

Since apparently I never once took a picture of my Civic - windows tinted or not - you are getting this picture instead:

money_down_toilet 2

81. Go swimming in our neighborhood pool 5 times.

Okay, I haven't completed this one, but I've made some progress. Over the summer, when it was a million degrees outside and I was pregosaurus rex, I decided to cool off in the neighborhood pool a whopping ONE time. Only, we went at 8:30 in the evening, so it's not like it was even hot out in the first place.

So, the picture. I can't believe I'm going to share this with the entire inter-webs. But, I insisted on a picture for each item as it's completed so I hafta, right?

Remember when I said I was cheap? Well, I was also too cheap to buy a maternity bathing suit. So, I just wore my regular ol' bikini. Maybe THIS is why I only went to the pool one time this summer, and that one time was in the dark:


83. Type, print and organize all recipes into a notebook.

Check. I think John actually finished this one up for me. He was probably (mistakenly) thinking that if he organized all of my recipes I may actually start to cook for him.


And no, I didn't actually type and print them all. I changed my mind about that part. I kind of like when a recipe has hand written notes all over it. Especially in the case of the mac & cheese recipe pictured...the note says DOUBLE EVERYTHING because a single mac & cheese is never enough!


So now I've completed a measly 25 items out of 101. If I plan on finishing this, I better start knocking some stuff off this list! Which item would you like to see me complete next?


MillerMama said...

I have that tank top you're wearing with the flowers on it. And I never pay for pedicures. I painted my toenails the week before I gave birth and I thought parts of me were actually going to fall off trying to bend my legs up to where I could see them.

Laura Diniwilk said...

I think you should definitely do something nice for yourself - you deserve it! So either go get a massage or splurge on something for yourself.

Also - go you for posting the bathing suit pic! You looked great with your bump :)