Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The title to this has multiple meanings:

1) I am officially a sucker.
2) This is a post about pacifiers.

So I can stand my ground about wordsy clothing or cartoon character baby things, but I realize I'm not always going to win the fight. Especially once she starts talking and having a mind of her own. But for now at least, you'd think I'd pretty much have my way with everything. She's only 5 1/2 weeks old, after all. But, apparently I was wrong.

So since I'm pretty vain myself, I find cuteness to be of extreme importance with my baby too. For example, last Saturday John was the one to get Charley up and dressed for the day. He put her in a yellow ducky onesie (which I happen to love, by the way) and blue pants. Nothing wrong with either piece on their own, but together they scream, "I'm a boy!" to me. I mean, yellow is the gender neutral  color and blue pants only work on a girl if there is at least some girly color in the shirt they are paired with.

I'm a girl, I promise!
I never changed her clothes or told John about my issue with her outfit, but I definitely thought about it. So anyways, yes, I value the importance of a cutely dressed baby.

Part of a well balanced cutely dressed baby is a cute pacifier. I had an entire arsenal of different brands of cute pacifiers ready to be tested out by Miss Charley. Surely she could choose a favorite brand from all of the cute choices I was giving her.

Pick the Mam Charley! What could be cuter than a little birdie on your pacifier which would then match your cute nursery!?

But she had other plans. All of the cute pacifiers were rejected. Blehh, she'd say. Spit them out and make an awful gagging face at me afterwards. I went along for a couple weeks just content with the fact that my baby wasn't going to take a pacifier at all.

But then, there are times when she uses my boob as her pacifier and all I want to do is go to bed and yet unless I give this baby something to suck on, I'm not going to get to go to bed. I guess I could've done what John tried to do while we were out at a store once and she was being fussy - he found a nipple to a bottle in the diaper bag and thought that would suffice as a pacifier. No, John, that's not teasing her at allll.

So I did what I had to do. I went to the store and bought the hideously ugly pacifiers I was trying to stay away from. And you know what? She took that ugly pacifier.


I'm doomed.

My only hope is that this is her "training pacifier" and now that she knows what to do with it, she can go back and enjoy one of the cuter options. Like the birdie one, Charley, hint hint!


Trisha said...

Isn't that the Avent Soothie? I hear they work the best and the hospitals around here use them. They are the only ones I've gotten so far myself. No "cutesie" ones. Haha.

Summer said...

Liam and Olivia are the say way.... I can't get them to take any other pacifier other than the one from the hospital.

Whitney Ellen said...

Hii!! New follower! :)

Sounds like your little girl already has a mind of her own! She's beautiful!!

Shannon said...

Lol we went out and did pretty much the same thing, bought a huge variety and go figure the only 2 my little man likes are the Avent Soothie, and the MAM one both of which we constantly have to re- buy because the don't fit on normal paci clips, go figure. Hopefully that that she is getting the hang of it your cutie pie will broaden her options ;)

Missy said...

Well at least John got her dressed in clothes lol I could definitely see a guy just taking the baby around in only a diaper because they were too lazy to even get them dressed! lol
She is so stinking cute!

MillerMama said...

I did the same thing and my little stinker would only take the Soothie too, though one day last week she finally took a MAM.