Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Se7en Things

[Okay, it's technically 'Seven Things' and not 'Se7en Things' (as stolen from one of my favorite movies...shout out to Brad Pitt whom I'm sure reads Life of Lacey!) but how boring is the title 'Seven Things.' It definitely needed some sprucing up.]

I am never one to not follow through on a blog tagging, and I've been tagged twice so it's extra important that I follow through. I was tagged by her and her, both mommy bloggers that also have newborns at home! Thanks ladies!

The premise is this:
  1. Write 7 things about yourself.
  2. Give the ‘award’ to other blogs
  3. Inform them about it!

If you've been around for a while, you know that I have done this before. I did 100 things, then 10 more, and then 7 more. And because I truly believe that every reader of mine has read every post I've ever written (you have, haven't you? If not, I suggest you get reading!), then I refuse to repeat any thing about me. So here are 7 new things that I haven't yet shared.


1. I have windshield wiper anxiety. If I pull up to a stoplight and it's raining, I am instantly looking at the speed of the wipers on the cars around me, and if mine are going faster than theirs are, I turn mine down immediately. How embarrassing!

2. If there are any homemade sweets in my house (brownies, cake, cupcakes, etc.), every meal then requires a dessert. Had Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast? Well then you must have a brownie for breakfast's dessert! [Hypothetically speaking, of course. I didn't actually have that for breakfast. Ahem.]

3. I have really thick head of hair that I inherited from my daddy. On the flip side, I have very low HPSI on my arms and legs. [HPSI = hairs per square inch]

4. John and I call each other Tuppy. No idea what it means or how it came about, but we are both Tuppy to each other. How sickening are lovey pet names? Bleh. But I do love my Tuppy! ;)

5. (Because all of my other lists were pre-baby) I have an adorable daughter named Charley. [Cue gratuitous picture of Charley...]

She was pretending she was conducting an orchestra.

6.  I love filling out forms. Whether paper or online, I just love filling stuff out. If it's paper though and printed in black ink, I need to fill that form out with blue pen so it contrasts against the black ink that the form is printed in. Crazy?

7. I always sing in the car, even now that I have little Charley in my back seat. & I may have said that I will never play any kids music in my car. But that doesn't count if I'm singing kids music to Charley, right? Here I am singing the classic children's song by Coolio, Gangsta's Paradise:


Okay this was pre-baby (well she was still cooking at the time) and in my old car, but I  assure you the same lullabying happens now too. Charley loves it.

This list of 7 things literally took me 5 days to come up with. You better have enjoyed it.

And for parts 2 and 3 of this little challenge, I award YOU! And that's counts as your notification too! Have fun!


Kayla Rae said...

How fun!! I am totally doing this!! Love the picture of Charley, and your caption, that is so funny. Oh, and I love filling things out too!

The Beane's said...

You are too funny! I love reading your blog!
I admit I totally do #1 too! And #2. Oh and the singing. Colin is one and I have yet to play kids music :)

MillerMama said...

I (heart) forms. I just got a survey about formula in the mail last week and I am determined to complete it.

Jeff said...

Thanks for sharing those Se7en deadly things about yourself. I really liked Charley's conducting, that was excellent.