Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Anniversary

It was two years ago today that John and I wed,

making it nearly 8 years (in November) that we've been together.


I'd say this year was the year with the biggest (or smallest) changes, and that being our little Charley. I am going to take a guess that this year is going to be our best year yet and I'm looking forward to sharing it with John.

John and I aren't a gifty couple. We don't do birthday presents, Christmas presents, Valentine's presents, or any other presents to each other. And when we got married, we decided that for our anniversaries, we'd do a trip together each year instead of gifts. This year proved to be a little more difficult with a 7 week old baby, but we made it work regardless!

Seeing as how I am already out on maternity leave, my parents and I thought we should take advantage of it and go to one of our favorite places for the week. We returned to Pirateland campground in Myrtle Beach and spent all last week there. John couldn't get the entire week off, but was able to come down for the second half of our week. And while we were there, we decided we'd go ahead and celebrate our anniversary since it was only 3 days early and we had willing babysitters with us.

It may not have been as luxurious as our honeymoon was in Punta Cana, or adventurous as our first anniversary was in Washington, DC, but having a newborn limited our choices a bit this year. So we left Charley with a babysitter...

...(her loving Gamma & Grandaddy) and we took off for Broadway at the Beach - a outdoor mall type place with restaurants and some rides and shops. Myrtle Beach recently made the stupid decision to close their large theme park on the boardwalk, and a few of the rides have moved here instead so I was determined to ride one of my favorite rides from when I was a kid. It's called The Caterpillar, and is basically a round and round ride where the best part is when a cover (the cocoon?) comes over everyone making you ride in the dark. So we rode the ride, and I kept waiting for my favorite part. And waiting. And waiting. And then the ride ended. And I cried. Okay, not really, but they got rid of the cover part! What kind of crap is that!?

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So we left there being a bit disappointed (I should've rode the swings instead!) and went to have lunch. I had never been to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville restaurant, and it was close, so we went there. On the walk over we stopped to feed the icky fish.

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We had lunch outside on the deck, and overall we were pretty disappointed in the food (gimmicky, touristy place with sub par food) but at least we were in good company!

And Charley wanted to make sure that we enjoyed as much of our actual anniversary as possible so she decided to try and keep us up for the majority of the night last night! What a sweet baby! ;)


So even though our 'date' for our anniversary and our actual anniversary has not been magical and perfect and exotic, it was just perfect for us as our real anniversary gift is that little lady right there.

John - I love you lots and lots! Thanks for giving me Charley! Happy 2nd Anniversary and I hope for many more to come!



Meghan said...

Happy Anniversary to you & John!

Missy said...

Wow Happy Anniversary! I didn't realize yall had been together for so long! So sweet! Hope you had a wonderful trip, doesn't matter where you are as long as you were together!

MillerMama said...

I love Broadway at the Beach and we always eat at Margaritaville! AND because I want to be just like you, we celebrated our anniversary in Myrtle Beach on family vacation this year too! Well, our anniversary came first, so I guess you are copying ME.

Laura Diniwilk said...

I love that our families vacation at the same place. Perhaps next year the stars will align and we could have a baby beach playdate?