Thursday, October 27, 2011

Everyone's Doing It

I have a complex. I seem to despise doing what everyone else is doing. I don't think it's necessarily a new thing of mine, but having a baby made it ten times worse. It's forcing my creativity to work on overdrive, which in turn is burning out the creativity motor all together. I may have to change tactics.

Lemme splain.

When I bought my very first car, (which happened to be my 2nd car since my parents gave me a Honda Civic as my first car) I had to have something that wasn't as common as say, the Honda Civic. I loved my first car, but despised the fact that every single person in the world seemed to also have a Civic and therefore I wasn't original at all. Never mind the fact that everyone owned one because they were such good cars...that part obviously did not matter to me.

So, I chose to buy a Toyota Celica because they looked different and there weren't as many of them at the time. I loved that car and loved that it looked fast. [I eventually got over this complex with my cars though as I did just own another Civic before trading it in on a Pilot.]

When I found out I was pregnant, there were several things I instantly did NOT want to do, mainly because everyone else seemed to be doing them. Although - everyone else seemed to be having babies and that didn't seem to deter me.

First thing I thought of was the nursery. Everyone seemed to be buying wooden letters spelling out the name of their child and hanging them over their crib. Sure, some people were decoupaging the letters or painting them to make them 'different' or 'original', but to me the idea was far too common and far too played out to be considered original or different to me. I decided I would not have to remind myself of my child's name by glancing into her nursery and would just have find some other way to remember Charley's name.

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Another thing that I kept seeing everywhere - from contestants on American Idol to pregnant ladies in their maternity pictures - was the stupid heart symbol made with your hands. I despised this as well and vowed not to have any of that type of picture taken when I went to get my maternity pictures taken.


And I definitely did not do the "heart" pose during our maternity pictures.

But, when it came time to pick out our pumpkin this year, I was forced into a predicament. I love fall, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and anything fall related. But when 95% of my facebook feed is currently pictures of people with their kids in a pumpkin patch, I just couldn't do it. I got into an internal argument with myself about whether or not I would dress Charley in a cute fall outfit, take her to a pumpkin patch, and take pictures of her laid over a giant pumpkin. I wanted to, and yet, I couldn't. I just couldn't do it. Why not? Because everybody's doing it and I'm not like everybody. "I'm different. I'm original!", I told myself.

And then when John, Charley and I found ourselves at the corner farmer's market, I decided it was time to buy our yearly pumpkin. No biggie this year, right? Sure we have a child now, but we buy a pumpkin every year and don't take pictures. Why would this year be any different. And yet, as I stood there picking out my pumpkin, I couldn't take it. I asked John for his phone as mine was in the car. "Why?", he asked.


And then I set her down on the crate and took the picture. Oh the shame.

Because what kind of mother would I be if I didn't document this momentous occasion in Charley's life!? I had to do it. I gave in. And now I wish she would've been in a cute fall outfit and not sleeping in her car seat. Unoriginal or not, I'm ready to join the masses. I'll be taking pictures as Charley carves her first pumpkin tonight too. And you know what else? I might even plaster them all over Facebook. Because darn it, my kid's cute. And her cuteness is original enough.


Susan W said...

I still have my 2002 Toyota Celica, and I still LOVE it.... I've always hated watching shows that everyone else watched and so shunned Seinfeld and Lost... and hated the Chicago Bulls. :)

Shannon said...

I always thought of myself as sort of original, but OMG I'm definitely not now that I think about it and read your post. I did all of it that you listed * including not one, but 2 honda civics, back to back ;) Definitely a cute post. And as always Charley is adorable.

MillerMama said...

I feel you. And we do NOT have wooden name letters in our nursery! Also, I think of you every time I see those little stick people on the back of a mini van. If you ever cave to that trend, I will personally come peel them off your not-Civic.