Monday, October 3, 2011

Charley Bear: 1 Month

My little Charley is one month old today! [Well technically tomorrow on the fourth, but I have no patience and am posting this one night early.] I can't believe how fast this first month went, and even more than that, I can't believe my boobs have successfully sustained a human for a full month!

I knew a nickname would come about once our little darling got here. It surprisingly came from an online friend of mine that I "met" through a baby message board. She called her Charley Bear from the very first picture I shared of her, and it has really stuck with us. If you know us in real life or have done enough stalking to know our last name, you realize that it also makes sense considering our last name. If you don't know our last name, I have now just revealed to you that it has something to do with a bear. John, Lacey & Charley Polar? John, Lacey & Charley Cub? John, Lacey & Charley Grizzly? John, Lacey & Charley Yogi? You may never know!

So, given this bear-ness, it only makes sense that I am taking Charley's weekly picture with my beloved Big Bear. This is a bear that I got for Christmas when I was 7 or 8ish, and is the only childhood stuffed animal or toy that I held onto.

So it only makes sense that my Charley Bear loves him too. And she has loved him each week we have taken her picture with him. Here are Charley's weeks 1 through 4:


Her first month consisted of eating, sleeping and pooping. She is really good at all 3 things. She has gained 2 whole pounds since birth, weighing in around 8 pounds these days, up from 6 pounds 2 ounces at birth. She is still wearing mainly just newborn sized clothing and newborn sized diapers, so still a lil thing. But I'm thinking she won't be this little much longer.

She loves being my human baby doll and allows me to dress her up as often as I want with only minimal screaming. Maybe if I would have also held on to one of my baby dolls from childhood I wouldn't be so obsessed with dressing her up. But none of my Cabbage Patch Kids were as cute or quite as fun as Charley.

Happy one month baby girl!
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The Mrs./The Mom said...

Aww How adorable! I love how you took weeklty pictures of her- you can see how much she has grown over these 4 weeks!

P.S. Where did you get her blanket from? Or did I miss that info in a previous post?

Missy said...

Wow I can't believe she is one month already, she is such a cutie! BTW I love your banner, it's beautiful!

Kayla Rae said...

Can't believe how time flies! Bella will be a month next week! Love the pics of her with the bear lol.

Shannon said...

I can't believe she is already a month old! She's such a cutie!!

Hales said...

Omg I love these pictures of her- adorable! ...and the little blanket with her name is sooo stinkin cute! Where did you get that at?

MillerMama said...

I love the bear pictures! We took two of my niece with the Build a Bear my sister made her - one the day she came home from the hospital and one on her first birthday :)