Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

From my 101 in 1001 list, I not only completed #28: Win something, but I was an over achiever and won lots of somethings.

A couple of months ago I entered a contest on a blog to win a gift certificate for birth announcements or other custom stationary. The lady giving it away was doing so in an effort to drum up business for herself by advertising her products on this blog I was reading. All you had to do to enter was leave a comment on that particular blog post. Easy enough, right?

So, a few days later after the contest ended I was extremely happy to get an email telling me that I had in fact won the credit to her stationary shop and I could pick out whatever I wanted to be custom made from her. At the time, it was right after my baby showers and I needed some thank you cards, so I requested that she design those for me. She did, and then told me that the thank you cards only used up about half of the credit I had won and I could also have birth announcements made with the remaining half. So far I've received the thank you cards and will get the birth announcements soon.


But, winning this contest got me curious. I wondered what the odds were to win a blog contest over say, a radio contest, because most blogs I read don't have nearly the same number of people that would be entering. So, I went back to the blog on which I had won this contest and took note of the number of entrants in the contest I had just won: there were 7. So, my great luck was simply because there weren't many participants and therefore winning had been a bit easy. This got the wheels in my head turning.

Because, if you read many blogs at all, you know that these contests happen ALL of the time. People are always giving things away to drum up readers or drum up buyers for their Etsy shop, etc. I decide that since winning this was so easy, I was going to win lots of other stuff too. Who doesn't love free stuff, after all?

So I did some expert googling, entered some contests on blogs I hadn't even ever visited before, and started winning things left and right. I don't know if this is against some bloggy code of ethics, but, in my defense, I actually did find some new blogs to read by doing this, so the people hosting the contests did in fact drum up new readers. This is how I justify my winnings in my head.

I entered blog giveaways for 2 consecutive days. I probably entered 20 or so contests each day, which took maybe an hour each day. This is what I ended up winning:

First, I won these two ceramic birds from here. Guess who has a bird themed nursery and could use these?


Then, I won a photographer's print here. Coincidentally, when I was running around looking for tape when my water broke, it was to tape this picture to the back of the mat in this frame.

Then I won this monogrammed acrylic tray from this blog which was advertising this Etsy shop.

I make great use of it on my night stand to hold all of my middle of the night essentials.


And my most favoritest winnings: this baby JaR gift basket I won from here. It contains a blanket, two burp cloths, a hooded towel, and a bib and is valued at only $150! Yes, seriously. Apparently this is a hip brand of baby products that celebrities are into, and if you were to buy just the blanket it would cost you $68.

I will say though, that this purple blanket has gotten a ton of use because it is by far the nicest blanket I've ever felt. Charley is getting spoiled by luxury already.

On top of those things, I've also won a couple of gift cards and gift certificates to Etsy shops that I've yet to use. Pretty crazy, right?

So I'd say I successfully crossed this item off of my list. And to think I was originally trying to win $5K from a radio giveaway to complete this item. I mean, who needs $5K when you can have ceramic birds and a acrylic tray!?


Lili said...

yay! love your tray! congrats again!

Jeff said...

I've only ever won one thing. And technically, I didn't win it, my mom did. I was in high school and the radio station was doing a promotion where they would play two songs by the same artist and the 7th caller to call in would win a set of every CD by that artist. We didn't have cell phones at the time, but we did have a second line that we mainly used for our computer. I called in on that line and told my mom to call in on our main line. My mom was the 7th caller. She won me the CD's.

I totally need to enter some blog contests though, that is a great idea.