Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Unbreak My Heart

A little math for your Wednesday.

You start by dividing into my husband John's brain and getting a clear picture of his way of thinking and speaking. [Okay, yes, the word should technically be 'diving' and not 'dividing' but then that word doesn't work as well with my little math analogy.]


And now that we can see how his brain computes things, we then add a little Toni Braxton


Plus this, a 34 and a half week pregnant belly (hey, that's me!)


and that equals this coming out of his mouth each time he feels how rock hard my belly gets sometimes:

"Oh, you are having another one of those Toni Braxton Hicks contractions!"

He's a special one.


Christy said...

I totally laughed out loud! Thanks!

Missy said...

oh John! So funny! You look super cute!

Hales said...

Bwahaha too funny! Btw you look amazing :)