Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tiny Obsession

Okay so I have a tiny little confession: I may have a tiny obsession with a tiny little game played on a tiny little phone called Tiny Tower. (Don't download it...I'm warning you.) It's just a tiny obsession, so I shouldn't be too ashamed, right? Right??

But even I can see that I may have taken this tiny little obsession to an unhealthy level. I may or may not have created an Excel spreadsheet to assist me in my gaming each day. Is that normal? No?

But let's back up. Maybe I can explain myself.

I have been a gamer since age seven. It was that Christmas that my brother, sisters and I received a Nintendo Entertainment System. My sisters, being a bit older, grew up with a Calico and Atari so I had been exposed to games a little bit before this point, but NES was the latest and greatest and those little lines moving up and down bouncing a ball (square) back and forth had nothing on the little man in red overalls collecting mushrooms and golden coins - lets be perfectly honest. So this is where it began: Christmas 1989.

I know you can't really see it...but the four of us had just opened our Nintendo!
From there, we had Gameboys, a Super Nintendo, (both of which I still own and are in my closet) and then a Nintendo 64. Somewhere in there we also got a PC, which brought a whole different set of games into my life...hello Solitaire and eventually Roller Coaster Tycoon. We didn't spend all day playing or anything like that, but, I have to admit that my brother and I were both really good at video games.

Christmas 1992: The Christmas of the Gameboy
And then these days, my only gaming comes from the Wii (in spurts, I tend to get sick of it for a while and then come back to it months later), very rarely a Facebook game can keep my attention for too long, and my trusty iPhone.

So for a few weeks now I have been playing this game called Tiny Tower on my iPhone. The gist of it is this: You start out with a lobby and some money. You spend your money building floors to your tower, either residences or businesses, which in turn each sell 3 products you must keep in stock and employ using your residents that live on your residential floors. As you make more money, you build new floors. That's the basis, and it's totally not something I would normally be into. It sort of shamefully reminds me of that Farmville crap and those types of games on Facebook...which I despise. Oh, the shame.

But this game has me hooked, and I currently have the tallest tower of any of my fellow tower-building friends. (Okay, well there are only 2 friends that are also playing, but still. My tower RULES!)

So, this is where my spreadsheet comes in to play. One of the tasks you are occasionally given is to find where certain residents are located and when you do so, you are given a dollar! A whole dollar! And seeing as I now have 71 floors of apartments and businesses, finding the residents takes several minutes of scrolling sometimes. So, I made a spreadsheet to document on which floor each resident can be found. That way, when the game tells me that I need to find Marlene Howell to deliver a package to her, I can just flip over to my spreadsheet (which I keep open at all times on my computer during the day) and see that she is on floor 10 and get my dollar. See? It's ingenious right?


So in my defense, I have always been great at video games so it's only appropriate that I use all of my resources to be as successful as possible at this one.

& with these kind of gaming skills, I shall never be beaten in my towering empire. Should I be embarrassed? Do you think less of me? Or maybe you think even better of me that I can so successfully manage a 71 floored skyscraper. I'm probably going to get building owners contacting me to be their property manager as a result of this confession.

I should probably go ahead and add property manager to my resume.


Jeff said...

I, for one, am impressed. I don't think I could manage a 71 floor skyscrapyer, let alone find all the residents within it.

Missy said...

Well at least it's not Angry Birds! lol That's what all my friends are obsessed with!

MillerMama said...

I am totally cracking up at the fact that you have a spreadsheet for this (and FWIW, I play Angry Birds and haven't gotten too obsessed).

I remember when my sister got The Sims for our home computer when I was home on break from college and I sat down to try it one night and suddenly it was four hours later. Oops... said...

Any activity that involves the use of a s
preadsheet gets a thumbs up in my book!