Friday, August 5, 2011

Maternity Pictures

I tried to be patient and wait to receive all of the maternity pictures back before posting this, but I can't take it anymore. My photographer was awesome to be able to get the ones I do have to me as quickly as she did, so I'm not faulting her at all, I just MUST. SHARE. SOMETHING. NOW.

I did share these on Facebook already, so if you are a friend there you may have already seen these. But pretend you didn't and tell me how much you like them one more time, will ya? I had a pity party last night and cried myself to sleep for no good reason (stupid hormones) so I'm in need of some ego boosting. And asking for the compliments will make absolutely no difference to me in genuine-ity.

When my photographer and I were discussing where to take the pictures and what to wear, she suggested cowboy boots and a cotton, summery dress for the pictures we'd be taking in a field with old barns and such. I did not have either of those items, so I ordered the boots from Ebay since authenticity isn't really all that important to me - I don't plan on wrangling a calf any time soon. For the dress though, I instantly pictured a dress in my mind that I wanted to find: blue, flowery, and scrunching around the bust. I hate when I get an idea like that in my head because chances are very slim that you'll ever stumble upon that same thing - especially when you are a cheap-o like myself.

So instead, I purchased this plaid, off white, non-maternity dress from the Target clearance rack to wear with the cowboy boots and called it a day. It was cheap, it looked good with my boots, and I only had to go to one store (which is about 1/2 mile away) to find it. Sold. Plus, I can wear it next summer too since it's not a maternity dress.

But, on the day of the shoot I had a haircut appointment which is a little further from my house. The salon happens to be really close to a Once Upon A Child store that has a small maternity section. I stopped by just to see if they had anything good. And would you believe I found that exact dress I had pictured in my head? For only $10? Crazy huh?

So anyways, these were taken 3 weeks ago at 33 weeks pregnant and the blue dress ones are my absolute favorites so far.











Oh, and you may notice that one of the super cliché maternity pictures is missing. The make-a-heart-out-of-your-hands-and-place-them-on-your-belly pictures are NOT my cup of tea, so I asked that we skip those. I can take some cheese, but come on. Talk about an overdone picture. So if you are upset that I don't have one of those then I'm really sorry. I just couldn't do it.

So, ya like? Can you blame my impatience? I mean, the world NEEDS to see these! My photographer is awesome!

Post Edit: Hey! I'm coming back to this post and editing because I just realized that I didn't mention that this maternity photo session helped me to mark one more thing off of my 101 list: #100: Have professional photos taken. Check!



Laura Diniwilk said...

Lacey, these are beeyouuuuuutiful! I love the ones on the train tracks - the cowboy boots look great with your blue dress. Love, love, love them, can't wait to see more!

Claudia said...

Absolutely amazing pictures!!! you guys look so great!! And yes the blue dress looks great on you! (as well as the other ones). Beautiful indeed :)

Missy said...

These pics are BEAUTIFUL! I love love them! But you know that because I already commented on facebook lol

Rimi said...

gorgeous photos! you look absolutely gorgeous and you and you husband look so lovely together.

such romantic and sweet photos.


MillerMama said...

They turned out great! I love the one with the little shoes and want to redo mine now so I can get the same one. haha

two birds said...

i am in love with these pictures! i never took professional ones when i was pregnant...i wish i had! you look absolutely beautiful!

Hales said...

Aww these turned out adorable! I love them and the location you picked... turned out great girl!

Meghan said...

Love the pics! Especially the one of the boots and then Charley's shoes! The first one is another favorite!! I love her name. I've also liked the name Charley for a girl! Can't wait to see more!!

Joy said...

Love it! I also loved your location :-)