Friday, August 19, 2011

Home Sweet Home - Pre-Baby

Having a baby changes everything - that much I know. And what better place to document those changes than right here?

I know I'm going to have to revisit my 2 lists (this one and this one) and update you on how well I'm sticking to my "plans". I know there is already one rule I'm breaking for sure, and probably only one or two more AT MOST. (wink wink)

Also, I think it would be pretty fun to go back to my "day in the life" from last March and update for after Charley is here. I'm thinking I should do a day in the life while I'm on maternity leave, and then another day in the life after I go back and am a working Mama.

But, I'd be lying if I said I'm not concerned about the way our house is going to look post-baby. Clutter. Primary colored toys that don't match our decor. Swings. Bouncy seats & Bumbos. High Chairs. And I'm sure lots more that I'm not even prepared for. So, I'm thinking this should be one more thing documented before baby and after baby.

I like our townhouse now...well, I like how it looks. I definitely would prefer to be in something bigger and without neighbors on the other side of the walls, but this is going to have to work for now. There are certainly things in each room that aren't finished or need to be hung, but those are getting pushed to the bottom of the priority list while we finish up Charley's nursery and her bathroom. Something also tells me we aren't going to have as much time to do home improvement stuff after she's here so there is no telling when my lingering projects will get done.

Regardless, here is our home pre-baby. There are only a few rooms in our house and I'm leaving Charley's room out of the tour. We've done a few more things in there that I'm going to share soon so I'm going to skip that room for now.

First up, our living room.
Both cats felt the need to inconspicuously cameo in this picture.

I know a swing will soon be occupying the spot between the stairs and fireplace. Is it too much to ask that this is the only baby-fied change in this room for a while?

The Foyer

We don't really have a foyer, but with the couch situated the way it is I've kind of made one. This should stay the same, right? At most a stroller will be parked by the door from time to time.


The dining area

If you haven't figured it out yet, all of these areas are in the same room.


A high chair will eventually be in that corner, but none of Charley's dining will be at the table for a while, so maybe it's wishful thinking, but I'm hoping this area won't be too baby-fied either? A girl can dream.

The Kitchen
I get asked a lot - yes, we still love our countertops and they have held up really well!
I just shared this room with you not too long ago. I'm seeing bottles drying on the counter once I start pumping. And once she's eating solids, I know little bowls and sippy cups will be all over the place.

Our Bedroom

All of it is IKEA. And I way prefer this view over this next one, which shows...

...John's workout corner. The first evidence of us losing our second bedroom to Charley is his bench and weights "hidden" over there in the corner.


I think this room is going to take the biggest hit. I prefer to hang out in the bedroom over the living room when I'm at home, so Charley will then also be hanging out with me in here. And wherever Charley will be, will also be all of her stuff. There will be a pack and play in here from the beginning, and who knows what other stuff is going to gather by my side of the bed.

And just to be complete, here is the nursery.


More details and pictures of the nursery here.

So, am I being naive? I pretty much know that I am, so feel free to tell me. And I'll be sure to show you what the house looks like post-baby. The countdown to my due date is at 29 days, so post-baby house should be arriving really soon. I can't say that I'm thrilled about that part, but I think she'll be worth it!

What was the biggest change in your home post-baby? Or, if you don't have any babies, place your bets on which room will be taking the biggest hit!


Mary C. said...

I think you strategically placed your two cats in the first picture. HA! These are normal concerns about the baby clutter; I have them too. I have just accepted the fact that some forms of toys are going to be more populated in some parts of the house than others. However, my goal is to transition our loft into Mason's some point.

Missy said...

Okay I LOVE your walls downstairs! And I totally looked at the same style townhouse when I was looking for my house! lol
Your house is beautiful! You did a great job with decorating!

MillerMama said...

Great idea for a post! I MAY have picked my pack n play partially based on the neutral colors...not because we may have a boy in the future, but because it matches the decor. said...

I can't speak to the changes that will come once the baby arrives, BUT I do want to say I love your townhouse!

'HoulaMom said...

I think the biggest change when Gabriel was born is all the little stuff everywhere! I too was hoping we would have some spaces that weren't 'baby-fied', but....haha. We have random burp cloths everywhere, water glasses from when you sit down and then have to go grab the baby and forget them, a few odds and ends like the sock that fell off his foot, the congratulations cards that start piling up on the kitchen table, stuff like that.