Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Following Suit


When you get to be a big-time blogger such as myself [I mean, how much bigger can you get than 68 thousand followers and going on my eighty-fourth year of blogging], you are required to do one of two things: 1) Become a "professional" photographer**, or 2) Open a shop of some sort and sell some stuff. It's in the original blogging decree that we all signed electronically by just typing in the web address:

**Professional photographers can now be defined by anyone with a nice(r) camera and a watermark on their pictures. Bonus points if you can con someone into paying you for your sessions.

So, I do have a nice(r) camera, so one would think I would follow all of the other pros out there and choose option 1. But no, option 1 was too easy (because you know, photography is only a matter of pushing a button) and I like to make things hard on myself. Instead, I chose option two and have been wildly successful selling stuff. In fact, I have had two hundred sales in my shop in just over 1 month of being open. WILDLY successful, I tell you.

So now, it is my moral duty as a blogger to not only pimp myself out on my blog [YO! BUY SOMETHING FROM ME!] but to also make a permanent link to my shop in my sidebar. Done, and done. And yeah, the bird thing came about because after doing Charley's nursery, I am obsessed with all fake birds, and real ones as long as they are from a distance.

In fact, in an ironic situation from this week which will make me even further question if I am making the right decision between "professional" photographer or stuff-seller, all of this happened:
     1) I bought a bird-themed camera bag for my nice(r) camera. Every pro has a cool bag, of course.
     2) The next day, we sold an item from our Etsy shop.
     3) When I went to Paypal to transfer the money we made from the sale into our bank account, I realized that the camera bag I purchased on Paypal credit had yet to be paid for, and the sale we made covered the price of the camera bag almost perfectly, minus $2.08. Ca-razy, right!?

So, was that fate telling me that my silly little shop is only going to fund my "professional" career as a photographer? It's all too much for my little brain! For now I'll stick with stuff-seller. I don't have a watermark, after all.
Bag purchased from this lovely little Etsy shop.

Anyways, all of that to say 1) I (ahem, "we" - since my lovely husband is the seamstress in our business) sell bird mobiles and owl pillows now! & 2) Every household needs these items! And finally 3) Here's to early retirement!

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MillerMama said...

Maybe I should have just had you make me a bird mobile. I have all of the pieces done and now have no clue how I'm going to assemble it...