Monday, August 29, 2011

Being A Good Listener...So Far

September is a busy month for a lot of people. It's home to the last holiday of the summer,  kids are just starting school, and everybody seems to have a September birthday. Seems like John and I aren't the only ones that really got into the holiday spirit. Ahem.

Given that, I've had several requests that I've had to relay to Charley about when is an appropriate time to join us and be born. We'll start with her due date which is September 17th.


My first request was for Charley to stay put this past weekend, August 26-28, since John decided a trip to see the NASCAR race in Bristol, TN was a good idea to go on when I am 37 WEEKS PREGNANT. But, since I'm telling you that she's still an inside baby, you know that she is being a good listener so far, so that her Daddy was able to do this:



Next, my BFF Amy realized that she may have accidentally scheduled a cruise right around my due date. As in, September 15th - 19th. So, she kindly requested that Charley not be punctual. And if that wasn't enough, she then was supposed to go on a beach trip this past weekend, but due to Hurricane Irene, that has been rescheduled to September 9-11. So, now our calendar is looking like this:


Excluding weekdays, that leaves just one weekend that Charley could come and it's a holiday weekend. AND it contains the holiday LABOR day, which would be awfully ironic if I went into labor on that day. But no, this weekend has been requested to be baby-free as well by my sister Joy. She seemed to have accidentally scheduled a beach trip to Florida that weekend (the 2nd - 6th) so that weekend is out as well.

(I just realized this bit of irony though...Joy was also either in Florida or on her way home from Florida with the girl scouts when I was born and she nearly missed my birth because of it. If Charley does come that weekend, I may contact Alanis and get her to add a verse to her song.)
Next, my dear Mama had a request of her own. She works for a job that you cannot just pick up and walk away from if an emergency comes up during the day. Once she starts her job for the day, she would then need to finish before she'd be allowed to leave, thus making her miss the birth if Charley decides to come in the morning. So her request was that Charley come in the late afternoon, evening, or night.

The little half X represents no morning birthing.
 Also, my dad's birthday is September 20th, and my nephew's first birthday is the 13th, and for my own selfish reasons I don't want Charley to have to share those days with them so those days are out. I also had another request not to have her on my coworker Jeff's birthday which would be the awesome birth date of 9-10-11. But, that day had already been taken off of the calendar so I just double Xed it for emphasis.


So, that leaves Charley with a lot of not so many options, all of which I've shown in green.


And if I could add one more request of my baby (I am the mama, after all) I would prefer that she come before her due date and not after, leaving us these options:
  • The afternoon/evening of September 7th
  • The afternoon/evening of September 8th
  • The afternoon/evening of September 12th (full moon this night!)
  • The afternoon/evening of September 14th
Any of these options not work for you? Giving her 4 options out of the entire month is being pretty generous so I'd be glad to take away a couple of these if I need to. You just let me know and we'll work around your schedule.


Jeff said...

Pretty much any time is good with me.

Christy said...

Dear Sister,
It seems my calendar wasn't considered when making your request to Charley. Unless of course you could care less if I make it to her birth. I am busy the evenings of Sept. 7 and 8. So that leaves the 12th and 14th as her only options. But I am also available the last 2 days of Aug. should she decide those days are good with her.


CJ said...

Heeheehee...ur so funny!! Well, since you've already crossed off this weekend (which contains both my sisters bday--the 4th and Lily's---the 5th) I would say any of ur "green" days work great for me! LOL! Thanks for being so accommodating :)

Nicole said...

I'm going with the 12th since it's a full moon. Never underestimate the power of a full moon! A lot of babies are born on full moons, or at least the mamas go into labor!

JSitterBaum said...

This. Is. Awesome! Thanks for making me smile while I await my LO too! I might have to do something cute like this for my blog - great idea!

The Mrs. said...

My birthday is the 14th and I wouldn't mind sharing with Charley! I'm due the 8th but that doesn't work well for you, lol! Maybe our babies will be born on the same day :)

April said...

Full moon baby! Get ready, Charlie : )

p.s. oh MAN, that is a cute blog header for this month : )