Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Reinforcing the Pickle Stereotype

picklesIt was totally unintentional, but I may have reinforced the pickles & pregnant lady stereotype over the weekend. I know all pregnant ladies are currently shooting daggers at me because everyone thinks it's so funny that pregnant ladies just CRAVE pickles.

Let me let you in on a little secret if you are one to make this joke: 1) That's not a funny or original thing to say to a pregnant person and 2) It's not even true.

But tell that to the Wendy's drive-thru lady that I encountered over the weekend. She'd tell you otherwise.

What had happened was...

I am a couponer. Not crazy extreme couponer or anything, but there are usually a few really great deals at each store each week that I'll go grab. One week was jars of pickles for free after the coupon. Now, I don't like pickles but John does. So, being a pickle amateur such as myself, and having TWO of the coupons so I was able to get 2 free jars of pickles, I had to make a game time decision on which two types of pickles to buy.

I thought my chances of success would be pretty good if I just bought 2 different types of pickles so at least I could get at least a 50% approval rating from John when I got home, but I was hoping for 100%. Unfortunately, I only got 50%. (For those that need to know details: he likes the sandwich stackers, but said ewww to the bread and butter pickles. Heh. How was I supposed to know?!)

So, over the weekend I was going to visit my Mama and she does like the bread and butter pickles so I thought I'd bring them to her so they won't go to waste. On the way over I stopped at Wendy's to get us each a burger. I paid for our food, got the bag and pulled away. Only then did I notice what was sitting on my center console in plain view for the drive-thru lady along with my big pregnant belly:


That drive-thru lady must have thought that my pregnancy craving for pickles was so intense I needed to carry a full jar of pickles with me everywhere I went. But lady, you don't understand! It's not what it seems! I can explain! I hate pickles!!


The Diniwilks said...

Hahaha what IS it with people and the pickles? The lady who works in the cafe in our building always puts like TEN in with my sandwich. This only started after she found out I was pregnant. I finally had to beg her to stop (I like vlasic dills exclusively, deli type pickles are not my thing - and don't get me started on bread and butter).

the workaholic momma said...

HAHA!! That story is too funny!! I actually had a friend who had a HUGE pickle craving when she was preggers - so bad she once could not wait till she got home to eat the pickles she had just picked up at the store so she sat in her car and ate about half the jar - ha!!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - yours is adorable and your kitties are precious!! Can't wait to follow along as you welcome miss charley jane into this world:)

April said...

cute story!! : )
& I LOVE your new header for this month.

MillerMama said...

I went through the Wendy's drive thru and got a burger one day and had a ketchup/mustard covered pickle slice land on my protruding belly - right on my belly button. I found it kind of funny.