Monday, July 18, 2011

The Nursery

**Warning: This is a long one!**

I have been itching to share my nursery with the internets, and finally I think I can make it happen. [It's not done yet, but I'm not a very patient person sometimes. My very impatient husband must have rubbed off on me a bit.] Oh, and did I say MY nursery? I meant Charley's. I outgrew mine about 27ish years ago, but have spent so much time hanging out in Charley's that she and I might have turf wars regarding hers when she gets here. But, I just love her room and can sit in there for hours! If only I could fit in her crib....

Anyways, lets start with the basics. The room. John and I live in a 2 bedroom townhouse. That leaves us with one bedroom for us, and one bedroom for anything else; which previously included work-out equipment, computers, and all of John's clothes were in the large, attached walk-in closet. Well now that Charley is on her way, all of that had to be re-homed. There are no "spare" rooms or even "spare" corners any longer, but the baby needs her own room, and that is what we were determined to give her!

The work-out equipment got moved to a closet downstairs, and then moved again to our bedroom...which I'm beyond thrilled about. John's computer got moved to my old desk that is in our bedroom, and mine got moved to a new corner desk in the living room. John's clothes - well, that was the hardest part. He moved them into my already packed closet, and now we share a closet. Until finally, we had a blank slate to start with.

I found a nursery in my googling that I just fell in love with. I had decided on this nursery before we even knew if Charley was a he or a she, and thankfully she was a she because it's pretty girly. I pretty much copied it piece by piece so I can't take hardly any credit for the design. But I loved it so much that I was okay with being a copy cat.

Full room view with notes

So, from this inspiration room, I borrowed the following ideas:
Blue walls? Check.
Pink curtains? Check.
Owl Pillow? Check.
Ikea Malm Dresser? Check.
Ikea Bookshelf? Smaller than this one, but check.
Bird Mobile? Check.
Tree on wall? Check.

So yeah, besides the bead board on the wall and the light fixture (which I did consider both),  I am graciously borrowing this woman's ideas. Thank you for being so darn creative, person! I hope I am giving you enough proper credit!

So here is how my version turned out:

Thanks Dawn  for the picture!
And now for how I did it. If you have read Life of Lacey for any amount of time or if you know me personally, you know it's going to have some garage sale finds + craft projects in it. Here's what we did...

Surprisingly, we bought almost all of the big items new. But we didn't spend a ton of money on it. I cannot believe the amount of money the giant baby stores charge for a "set" of baby furniture. If you bought one of these collections, I'm going to give you my opinion right up front: you wasted your money and just paid Mr. Babies R Us's mortgage for him. But I'm sure your baby won't chew up the crib railing or ruin the finish on any of your furniture, so you should be fine....

I on the other hand, bought a highly rated crib from Wal-Mart for $150 (which included the mattress), and the dresser and bookcase from Ikea for $170 and $70, all in white. I am opting to use a lower dresser in place of a changing table with just a changing pad on top.

But I mentioned that almost all of the items were bought new. We did buy one major furniture piece used - the glider. I have expensive taste when it comes to gliders. I despise the normal wooden gliders that you normally see. I wanted something that looked more like an arm chair, but that still glided instead of rocked. Turns out those types of chairs are around $400-$500. Um, no thank you.

027So I had a back up plan which was a white wooden glider that I saw at Once Upon A Child, a second-hand store. It was still the style I despised, but I thought it wasn't quite as bad in white. So I snapped a picture when I saw it just in case it came down to that.

In the meantime, I scoured craigslist every single day just hoping that one of the gliders I loved would pop up on there. And finally one did. I saw the ad maybe 2 hours after it was posted, and the 20 minutes between when I hit send and before she replied were the longest 20 minutes of my life. I had no idea this glider had been so important to me! But, eventually she replied, told me it was from a smoke-free home (whew!) and we took it off of her hands for $100. She also told us that there were multiple people asking about it after I did, but we were first so we got first dibs on it. Thank goodness I was first...I may have cried otherwise!

So, total spent on furniture: $490

Much like the glider, it turns out I have expensive taste here as well. But you know I don't like to spend a lot of money, so in typical Lacey fashion, I didn't.

Ew! Way too matchy!
I knew I wasn't buying one of those gigantic bedding kits that came with a bunch of matchy-matchy stuff that you most likely will not even use. I don't see the need for a comforter, diaper holder, matching lamp, laundry basket, wall hanging, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Ewww. I'm sorry if that's what you used and you liked it. Different strokes for different folks.

So, all I could really find that I just loved was bedding pieces from Pottery Barn Kids. And we all know that PBK = $$$. But, I had convinced myself that since I was only interested in the bumper and crib sheets, that it was okay to buy from PBK because it would still be cheaper to just buy those pieces than one of those giant bedding kits.

So, after picking up our glider, we were in such a good mood for saving that money that we decided to make up for it by stopping in PBK to see if they had the same sheets and bumper from the inspiration room. Turns out, that is an online only line and I'd have to order it there. But, while we were there I spotted a clearance corner and went to check it out. On the very bottom shelf, was a "package" of bedding items that had been used for a display crib that they were now selling for a great discount. It included a sheet, bumper and crib skirt (which I was previously going to make myself) all for $50...and I actually liked the patterns! Just to give you an idea of the savings, the bumper alone in PBK is $90. So $50 for all three is more than 50% off. As you may have guessed, we bought it!

I know one sheet isn't going to cut it, but luckily I have a wonderful sister that has twin girls and she didn't get rid of a thing (it seems) from when they were babies. She gave me probably 5 or 6 sheets for free, so I think we are covered in the sheet department!

Total spent on bedding: $50

I'm likely going to post separately about how each of these things were made, but John and I made a great crafting team and were able to make several of the things that I HAD to have. I hired John for my assistant job because he can sew. And sew really well, actually. He once reupholstered our entire boat by hand. Impressive, no?

Anyways, we made the bird mobile hanging over the changing table, the pillows in the glider, the curtains, the book wreath and we painted the tree on the wall. At one point or another, we were planning on buying all of these things, so I'm glad we were able to use our craftiness for some good and save some money. We did buy a heavy, nice fabric for the curtains, but everything else was little to no cost at all.

Curtains consisted of this: Fabric: $70, Hem Tape: $1 at a garage sale, Curtain rod: Already owned, Curtain Clips: $14

tree drawingThe tree on the wall was originally supposed to be a decal that I was going to purchase on Etsy for around $80. But then $80 is quite the purchase for a sticker, and I started getting confident that I could draw and paint the tree myself.

So one Saturday morning, I got out my pencil and started to draw by looking at a picture of the decal I was going to buy. It took me about an hour and a half, and when that I was done I was ready for paint. I bought a few sponge brushes at Home Depot for $2, had John dig out the leftover cabinet paint that was an off-white color, and started painting. Eventually John came in and gave me a break from the ladder and took over and finished up.

Total spent on the tree: $2 for those brushes, and that's it!

The bird mobile we also made. It sells on Etsy for around $60 - $70, but again, didn't want to spend that. We have access to quite a few trees (read: forest) at my parents house, so we chopped down a little tree for the branches upon which the birds sit. We also spent around $10 on buying 9 different printed fabrics for the birds. I cut patterns, John sewed them together, and I stuffed them. John handled attaching them to the branches, and stringing it all together. This may be my most favorite thing in the room.

Total spent on the mobile: $11.50; $10 for the fabric and $1.50 for the eye hooks. Everything else was already owned or free.

The owl pillow and the quilted pillow were really afterthoughts. The birds were made using the 9 different patterned fabrics we purchased and they only used up a very small portion of each piece of fabric, so we decided to make pillows with the leftovers. The owl was first, since there was a very similar one I wanted at PBK for $29. I could have made my own patterns, but I like someone else's patterns better because I know they will work. I googled for "owl pillow pattern", found one I liked for free, cut out the patterns and let my seamstress put it all together.

After that pillow was made and there was still quite a bit of fabric left, I came up with the quilted pillow design on my own - not that it was a complicated design at all. My assistant sewed this for me as well.

Total spent on pillows: $0
The book wreath was actually my Christmas craft from 2011, and it now finally has a home. Underneath it will eventually be two white shelves and a bunch of children's books on them each.

So, in total, we spent $98.50 on crafty stuff.

And finally, here are pictures of the rest of the room and some of the other little details that you can't see in the first picture.




bird mobile

I tried to list where each thing came from, but if I missed something and you are curious, just ask me and I'll let you know where I got it. I figure the inspiration room's owner saved me so much trouble by simply telling me where she got each thing, and so I am going to do the same.

Birdcages: $1 each at various garage sales
Giant White Book Basket: $1, garage sale
Pink Toy Basket: $1, garage sale
Pair of Flower Frames: $1 each, garage sale
Pink Storage Bins: IKEA, $4.99 each
Green shelf: $5, garage sale
Glass Bird Plaque: $12, made at a glass fusing class
White Birds: Free! Won them on a blog giveaway.
Brown Owl: $6, Kohl's
Pottery Barn Frame and Mat: $2, garage sale
Diaper Cake: The Mama made it and was gifted to me at my shower. It's too pretty to take apart yet!
Purple Wire Bird in cage: $6, Target
Snail: Already owned. It was something I made at a paint-your-own-pottery place years ago.
Paint: Behr Premium Plus from Home Depot in colors Airy (ceiling) and Sapphireberry (walls), $100
Light Fixture: Home Depot, $89
Canopy over crib: IKEA, $9.99
Blue Canary Night Light:, a gift from my registry

So, that puts the grand total at... (I'm really afraid to see this number)...

Hey, that's not too bad, I think! I know plenty of people that spend that alone on one piece of their nursery furniture!

So what do you think? You think Charley will love it, or did I just design my 29 year-old self a nursery? Regardless, John and I absolutely love it and the room is just missing one major piece: the baby. 61 days to go; not that we're counting.

As we finish up things here and there, I'll be sure to share them with you too and link them back here. I know we still have a couple of shelves to hang, still need to decorate the top 4 "cubes" in the bookshelf, and decorate and fill the green shelf with diapering supplies. John is also working on painting and finishing Charley's own bathroom which I will then need to decorate as well. Yes, this baby has her own bathroom and large walk-in closet. I'm pretty sure I was 24ish before I even had that! She's gonna be spoiled, that much we know!


Missy said...

Aww Charley's nursery is beautiful, you did an amazing job!
Love the owl inspiration!

the workaholic momma said...

I LOVE it...its super adorable and you did an awesome job with keeping the cost of everything in check. I took a similar approach and used craigslist along with furniture we already had and just refinished to get the look we wanted!!! It was def more work than just buying form BRU but I like the end result alot more!!! Great job, Charley is going to love her room:)

The Beane's said...

Love it! Very cute!

MillerMama said...

It looks great! And I'm very impressed by your and John's craftiness!

The Mrs. said...

Love the nursery! It's very cute! Where'd you get Charley's personalized blanket from?

Lacey said...

I received that blanket as a shower gift so I really don't know where they got it. Sorry! I do love it though!

I hope you see this...I couldn't find a way to contact you besides answering your question here! :)

The Diniwilks said...

Lacey, you are freaking amazing. I am so impressed by your craftiness / thriftiness / ability to find an inspiring room and make it your (or Charley's) own. I think my favorite part is the bird mobile too! We actually have an Etsy bird mobile as well, but it's so much more meaningful to make it yourself with your hubby.

If you are interested in a little game of compare and contrast, the pics of Adriana's nursery start here:

I am totally tempted to send you a nerdy spreadsheet of what I spent on her room, which is way too matchy matchy and way less custom than yours (although, to be fair, painting wasn't an option since we lived in an apartment back then). Let's just say I desperately need you to rub off on me before I do Adriana's new room (Kid B gets the old nursery at $0, so at least there's that).

Nicole said...

You won a giveaway on my page! You have 24 hours to claim it! :)

CJ said...

What an awesome job u did! When we move into our new house (whenever that may be) I'll be needing ur assistance w/ decorating!!
BTW....I was totally there when u made that snail! Ahhh...memories!

Lili said...

beautoful nursery!

and btw, congratulations on winning our giveaway! email me and we'll get you linked up with rachel! thank you for joining!

Mindi said...

It's so pretty! I love the color choice of blue walls off set with the pretty pink curtains. The mobile is great too.

mommy in the midwest said...

I absolutely love it! Every detail is gorgeous. The bird mobile is to die for. Good job mama!

Bethany said...

What a gorgeous room! I LOVE it!

♥ Bethany

Sarah [] said...

So elegant and girly, just love it all! Nicely done.

Mama G @ Growing Up Geeky said...

Absolutely gorgeous!