Monday, June 27, 2011

Past, Present, Future

Friday nights sure have looked different lately. And I can only imagine that they will look even more different in the near future. Just for funsies, let's play a little past, present, future.


Crazy, fun, carefree nights out with our best friends and beer.


Craft nights while getting little Charley's nursery ready. Replace beer with a sewing machine and our friends with owl pillows. Hopefully our friends will want to hang with us again soon because owl pillow isn't nearly as much fun.


But who am I to try and predict the future? For all I know the future could look like a combination of this:

future parents
Those are my parents, in case you didn't know...
and this:

Just kidding Mama and Daddy. I'm sure Charley will be a well behaved baby!


Anonymous said...

Love it.... Super cute
Kathy murray

Anonymous said...

Too funny!!

April said...

I love that you're making pillows together! I also have a super-sewing husband : ) High five!

The Mrs. said...

This is hilarious! I like how you get to make stuff for Charley's room- I'm so not crafty :(

The Diniwilks said...

I love love love the owl. I am not crafty, and I was actually going to buy the pottery barn versions to go with the Hayley bedding I picked out for Adriana's big girl bed (new baby is gonna kick her out of the nursery). If we lived in the same state I would beg to be lame with you and join in on craft night.