Wednesday, June 29, 2011

1 Year Later

One year ago today, I started a 30 day blog challenge (of which I only finished 28 days, oops) and Day 1 involved writing a letter to myself to be answered one year later. Well, today's the day. Let's see how much I let myself down. I am copying and pasting the original letter from 2010 here, and my answers from 2011 will be in green.

Dear Me,

Hello! Hi! How are ya? Just dandy! Feeling good? Feeling great! It's so hot out, isn't it? I'm not sure if it's hot out this year...I've avoided any contact with the "outside" like the plague this year.

Anyways, how has your year been? My year has been good! Great, even! What are you looking like these days? Pretty much exactly the same, minus some extra poundage around the midsection. Same exact hair cut and just wore that same dress a few days ago. Still looking the same? Here's a picture from a year ago to jog your memory:

And here is one from this year, on the day that I wore that same dress:


Did you finally figure out those trip plans with Amy and Bryan? I'm ashamed to say, no. I cannot seem to get my stuff together and organize a friend trip. I even tried to plan a just Amy & Lacey trip and so far all I've done is talk about it. I'm so lame. If so, I bet that was fun. If not, you are a dummy and should have taken advantage of your youth! You're telling me! Friends are even more few and far between these days since I'm pregnant, and so I definitely don't want to lose these ones. They are one of the only ones that are still sticking around!

So, any baby news you'd like to share with me? Oh yeah, I'm pregnant! 6 1/2 months pregnant to be exact. Or are you still not sure about that one? Too late to change our minds now! I'm sure having your new nephew Wyatt around should help you decide. He is just about 9 months old, right? He is, and he is as cute as ever. He's pulling up on everything, standing unassisted and I'm sure will be walking before Charley gets here! Here's a picture from my latest photo shoot with him:


Where are you living these days? The same townhouse? Sadly, yes. I know just recently you went and saw a house and decided to wait a bit longer to move. So, has it been long enough yet? I wish, but the housing market isn't on our side. We have pretty much decided on a neighborhood though, now we just need to save and get the housing market to play nicely.

According to plans, you should now be debt-free didn't let me down here, did you?? Gulp. Well, we are almost there. From what we had last year, we ARE debt free. But then there were a couple of new, no-interest deals we took advantage of so that's all there is now!

Now....on to the important questions:

You do have the iPhone 4 now, right? Cause if not that iPhone 3G is preeeetty outdated. Yes, thank goodness. I was close to waiting around for the iPhone 5, but I couldn't wait any longer.

Do you still have 2 mismatched nightstands? No! We finally got some matching ones from our favorite place, IKEA.

Do you still have kitchen appliances in three different colors? Nope! All 4 appliances are now black!

Are you still keeping up with your clothing spreadsheet? Well of course! If so, that means your spreadsheet had it's 5 year anniversary just 10 days ago. I hope you remembered to throw it a party! Oops. Maybe I'll throw a belated party for it. But, yes, even in maternity clothes I am still keeping up with the spreadsheet, and even though my rotation is usually 3 weeks now instead of 4+ weeks between duplicating shirts, I am happy with that.

Is Tuna still getting some awesomely rad hair cuts? Not in a while! He's been mat-free for a while since John has been more diligent at giving him good brushes.

Is Reese still running at full speed towards every open door? I'd say mid-speed these days. Not only is he fat, but there was an incident when he got out (from running out of the front door) where there was a little fight between him and that stupid stray that we used to affectionately call Pierre. He seems to be fine, but he's definitely more apprehensive about running out since he got his butt kicked.

Anyways, just wanted to check in. I expect that you'll remember to reply in exactly one year. What's that? You are still having memory problems? Well, in that case, I'm going to write another letter to you that will remind you to reply to this letter and I'll schedule it to post on 6/29/2011. Hey! That's today! You better get busy!

Love you lots,
Lacey of the Past

So, I really liked the idea of this letter from year to year. So, I am going to write another one to be answered by 2012 Lacey. Stay tuned!

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The Diniwilks said...

This was really cute - looking forward to the next installment. And yay for belly pics and nursery pics. You look great!