Tuesday, May 10, 2011

iPhone Antics: V


For those of you not bilingual in Roman such as myself (as in Roman Numerals), this is iPhone Antics 5. You're welcome.

These are random pictures taken with my iPhone that I can't bear to delete, but they are not facebook share-worthy. So they get dumped here especially for you!

Let's start with some pictures from work...

First, this was a present I left on coworker Patrick's desk a couple months ago. Each month, I am responsible for getting certain reports to him for another report he puts together and I was feeling extra gifty this month. I normally walk them over to him or just hand them over the top of our in-between cubey wall, but this day I made my reports into a little present for him. There wasn't any ribbon in our supply cabinet (I know - shocking!) so I cut a strip off of the side of my paper roll that goes in my adding calculator and colored it blue. It was a particularly busy day, I'm sure.

photo 1

One day John sent me a picture message of the amount of work stacked up on his desk that he had to do. Apparently the message was that he was very busy.

photo 23

So I replied with a stack of paper work that was sitting on my desk:
photo 4
Okay so that was my pile of paper to be shred and not work, but same difference right?
I win.

I am lacking a good full length mirror in my house, mainly because there isn't really a good place to put one. So, I may or may not spend a lot of time in the workplace bathroom checking myself out and documenting my growing bump since there is such excellent mirrorage in there.

My Pictures8
I would be so embarrassed if someone walked in during my photo shoot or if a coworker secretly reads this!

Enough about work. Let's move on to food, er, junk food.

I was so thrilled before Easter when I found these cute little bags of Cadbury eggs at Target. I loved the fact that I didn't have to buy a huge bag (and therefore eat a huge bag) of them. But, when I go to Target at least 3 times a week and get a mini bag each visit, would I have been better off just buying the big bag to begin with? 
photo 11
I got a little anxious/excited while ripping into this bag.
I've mentioned my inability to cook here before. But, this shows the extent of my issues. I can't even properly toast a Pop-Tart.
photo 32
I still ate it - burnt or not, a Pop Tart can NOT go to waste!
A few weeks ago we went to a garage sale where the homeowner was a girl scout troop leader and had some leftover girl scout cookies for sale. I bought a box of tagalongs and ate 3 soon thereafter. I also shared 3 with my nieces and my sister, for a total of 6 cookies consumed. There are 15 cookies in a box. After getting home with the box, I set it down to share some with John as well. For someone who "doesn't like sweets" I was not expecting to see this when I returned to the box an hour and a half later.

photo 52
That equals 9 cookies consumed in 90 minutes.

And now some randoms...

I got this as a text from John with the message "Bunk beds." Pretty appropriate I'd say.

photo 13

This was from this past weekend when I went to the Strawberry Festival with my sister Joy and my nieces. Ironically they sold out of strawberries before we could buy any, but I did manage to knock item #88 off of my 101 List: Go to a festival of some sort that I haven’t been to before. Check!

photo 31

Each spring my Mama's ferns become the home to baby birds, and this weekend we saw the babies for the first time this year. Awww! (And to think, my Mama complained that these sweet babies would soon be pooping on her car due to the proximity of the ferns to her car. Can you believe she'd say such a thing about these babies!?)
New Image

And finally, this one was from my recent trip to the beach with my family. My dear mother should probably go to the optometrist and get her prescription checked soon.  

photo 5

What did we do before camera phones? We certainly didn't have gems such as these! Until the next time...


Christy said...

Mama's gonna kill you!

Missy said...

I love Tagalongs! I have to restrict myself from eating the whole box when I get them every year.
BTW you look super cute in all of your growing belly photos!

Kayla Rae said...

I love those mini cadburry egg bags!