Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spreading the Love

From my 101 list, #64: Have at least 50 blog followers is complete! Wahoo!

Since I feel so loved by all 50 of you, I am going to spread some love too. If you ever get bored and feel like exploring the blogosphere, these are some of my favorite blogs and/or some of my favorite blog posts I've ever read. If you need more reading material than these (it is a rainy Saturday after all) I have more listed to the right ---> under 'People I Know' and 'People I Stalk'. These all keep me very entertained, and since 50 of you are entertained enough to follow me, I just KNOW you'll like these too!

The Diniwilks:
Fullscreen capture 472011 61729 PM

First and foremost, my 50th follower is this lady in Ohio who has become a blogging buddy of mine. Other things we have in common: we both play Words With Friends on our iPhones (and we play against each other...gasp!), we are both pregnant, we are both Honda drivers, and we both have hilarious blogs, duh! Another fun fact about Laura: she created a 101 list of her own after being inspired by mine! So, not only did she help me complete #64 on my list, but she also helped me to complete #98: Inspire someone else to make a 101 in 1001 list for themselves. So yeah, she definitely earned her top spot on this list!

Young House Love:
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I know I was late catching on to this bandwagon, but I have jumped on and I'm never getting off. I am borderline obsessed with this couple, their baby, their dog Burger, and their blog. They mainly blog about their DIY projects they complete as they are decorating their home, but both of them blog as their full-time job (both John and Sherry...yes, I'm on a first name basis with them now) and are witty, funny, and adorable. The things that sucked me in the first time I stumbled upon them are this: their wedding, the tour of their first house, and this video of Burger (at the bottom of the post). That's all it took and I was hooked!

The Jolly Porter
Fullscreen capture 4162011 84809 AM

This is a MAN blogger...gasp! He is the brother of two very popular bloggers (CJane and NieNie) but sorry to his sisters, but bro is my fave! His sense of humor must just mesh well with mine because I am constantly laughing out loud (a for real LOL) at him. Check out his lip-syncing here, or one of his Halloween interviews, or maybe this heartbreaking story about losing a treasured personal item. But really, they are all funny and you can't go wrong.

Fly Through Our Window
Fullscreen capture 4162011 90614 AM

Perfection. That's what I think about when I think of Darby's life. Perfect southern husband, 3 perfect and adorable blonde children, perfect photos, perfect twin sister, perfect blog, perfect, perfect, perfect. But, she by no means makes her life out to seem this way, and she shares the good with the bad. But she just shares it in such a perfect way that you can't help but to be a little envious! I don't think I have a favorite post of hers. They are all good, and you can definitely spend several hours getting sucked in here too. I do love the ones about Darby doll though!

The Beane Blog
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To bring it back home, this blog belongs to a childhood friend of mine, Kelly. She and I grew up only a few miles apart and went to elementary, middle, high school and even college together. She and I both started a blog at pretty much the same time, and she mainly blogs about her adorable family and their life. And, although I'm ashamed to admit it again, she has kept up with her 365 photo challenge when I quit mine in February.

And finally, this one particular blog post about the antics around the women's restroom in the workplace is spot on and hilarious. If there are any men that may go read this and think this lady is over-exaggerating, I assure you she is not. It's the sad, sad truth.

If it is raining where you are today, you can definitely kill some time reading these other lovely blogs! Let me know if you have any favorites too! I am already reading 71 blogs as it is, so what is one or two more? Happy reading!


The Diniwilks said...

Aww, thanks Lacey! You can imagine my confusion when I checked your blog from my dinky iphone screen and saw the picture of my blog instead. I am definitely going to check out your other recommendations - there is nothing worse than having 0 new items in my reader. I don't think I'm up to 71 blogs though, holy crap!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing new under the sun.