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I'm not sure that anyone who reads this could possibly not know this, but my name is Lacey. I obviously love my name and am very thankful to my parents for giving me a special, unique name instead of making me 1 of 4 Jennifers in my first grade class. I doubt Jennifer E. felt quite the same love and adoration for her name as I did for mine. Which is why the bar is set so high for this baby's name.

I want something unique. Not something unique like Uniqua (honestly, I used to work with her) or something so common that is number one on the top baby names list for 2011. So, during my last pregnancy my Mama and I sat down at the kitchen table and she started throwing out family names to see if anything sparked any interest. We went down the list (boys and girls at that point because we didn't know what I was having):

Alma (too old fashioned)
Mildred (ditto)
Ray (no, and only maybe as Rae for a middle name, but not as a boy's name)
Madison (sister used as a middle name for my niece, and have a 2nd cousin named Madison)
and this went on and on...
Charles (no)


"But wait, what about Charley for a girl?", And we both sat there and thought about it and realized we both liked it and it could possibly work. My dad is Charles, and he was a junior therefore my grandfather was Charles as well. But (no offense guys) since I'm not too fond of the name for a boy, I really could see it working for a girl. And I've always been a fan of boy names for girls anyways, so add one more point to the "pro" side.

So that was sometime during April of 2010. And the name hadn't left my front runners list I kept in my head all this time. I asked John about it as soon as I got home and he was on board too. So far so good.

Next step: have a baby girl.

So when we found out last week that we were in fact having a girl, Charley was already on our minds as the possible name. This weekend we sat down and tried to come up with anything we may like better, and kept coming back to Charley. So therefore, Charley it is!

As for the middle name, we aren't sure yet. We have a couple of favorites so far, but nothing set in stone.

Coincidentally, as much as I don't want a popular name (and I doubt Charley will be that popular), the name Charlotte is among the top 10 for girls' names this year, and in my Charley research I found that many people are naming their babies Charlotte and using Charley for a nickname. I prefer to just call the baby its name instead of going that route, but there may be a possibility of some children sharing her name. (The nerve of them!)

But regardless she officially has a (first) name:


We love you Charley!


The Diniwilks said...

I like how Charley has all the letters of Lacey in it without it being obvious. Only a nerd like me will notice :)

The Fetus Which Hasn't Been Named says "Hi, Charley!!!"

Kayla Rae said...

Aww I love the name Charley for a girl! :)

Betsy McK said...

Cute! Our guests over Easter weekend have a niece named Charlotte and they call her Charley! Funny I've never thought of Charley as a nickname for Charlotte.

David said...

oh I love that name, how cute!!


Missy said...

Oh I love that, super original! Great name!

April said...

hello new friend!! I just found your blog and I LOVE it. You have been cracking me up for the past five minutes!

I think the name Charley/Charlotte is great. If I had a daughter named Charlotte I'd probably get stuck calling her "Chuck" all the time... heh heh.

(and DARN that names list! We've been toying with baby names for the past few years, and it seems like whenever we settle on one it makes its way up to the top! bleghhhh.)

The Beane's said...

Love it!
Isn't it great that now you can call her by name?!
So happy for you guys!

MillerMama said...

Hi in there, Charley! I think her middle name should be Tuna after another family member...

The Melton's said...

I absolutely love it! Too cute! So happy for you both!

Anonymous said...


Claudia said...

My co-worker named her daughter charley, but spelled like: charli. Congrats and wishing you all the best :)

Sharon said...

Tim's cousin's name was Charlene and they called her Charlie. I loved it. Ditto on naming a kid what you're gonna call it. People will say "Nicholas?" AFTER we tell them Nick's name. Love your bump. Will be in NC for Wendi's shower the 21st and of course for the wedding 6/11, hope one of those times will be good for you and John Edward to meet up. Aunt Sharon