Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Little Help For Those Who Need It

I've never had a problem with people getting my humor - A.K.A. my sarcasm. I'm not a funny haha kind of gal. I'll never be able to master a story-type joke and I won't be doing stand-up anytime soon. But, I am pretty sarcastic and witty, I think. Seriousness is just not my forté.

When I meet someone with a broken sarcasm meter, we tend to have issues communicating. When I tell them, "Why yes! Of course you should sell everything you own and move into that cardboard box with the entrepreneur living under the bridge!" and they fail to see the sarcasm in my statement, I may lead them astray or even [gasp!] hurt feelings. And that's not my intention at all.

So, when at work today I continuously had to pause my conversation with my dear co-worker Patrick (remember Patrick?), regroup and confirm that yes, that was indeed sarcasm, I realized that I needed to do something about this.

So I made a sarcasm flag for his benefit. & since this one is rather big - 12 inches tall according to it's ruler flagpost - I should probably make a travel version as well for anytime I'm not at my desk. It's for our combined benefit, after all.


Do you have trouble reading my sarcasm as well? Should I also start using a sarcasm font? I'm not that hard to read, am I?

Happy Wednesday! I hope you have a terrible, awful afternoon and you step in dog poop on your way home!

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Missy said...

HAHAHAHA! I definitely get your sarcasm lol
I was actually gonna send you a message on facebook and see how you are doing! I miss your quirky posts! Hope your pregnancy is going well...still waiting on that belly pic! lol