Sunday, February 27, 2011

Love is Blind(s)

From my 101 list:

#32 - Replace all the broken blinds in our house - CHECK!

For three and a half years, we have lived in this house. And for three and a half years, I've had to photoshop the pictures that were taken downstairs in front of the windows. Because, you see, those blinds had been eaten by a ravenous blind dog that the previous tenant had. (Okay, he wasn't blind, but wouldn't that be ironic if he was?)

We bought this house from my sister who had been renting it out previously. After we closed, I'm pretty sure we just said we'd get the blinds fixed on our own, since it was my sister after all and she helped us out with the sale. It wasn't a blind spot that we overlooked, but we just thought we'd get to it sooner than we actually did.

So, in pictures that I've shared where the blinds look full and beautiful, I was actually robbing you blind. Because check out the before and after photoshop:

365 Photos -2012
Okay, obviously not a TRUE before/after, but you can see the difference using an outtake versus the one I did fix. I must have saved over the original by turning a blind eye to it.

Finally though, instead of just photoshopping the pictures every single time, we decided to do something about it. We took a blind date to Lowe's and purchased some new blinds a few weekends ago. When we got home, John took to installing the blinds right away. It would've been like the blind leading the blind, but John did actually know what he was doing, thankfully.


It is amazing, Grace! I once was blind, but now I see!

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Joy said...

Yay!! I always wanted to get them for you :-( glad to see them all fixed!!