Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Tuna!

Today (well yesterday at this point since I never finished this yesterday) is the birthday of a very important catperson. He is so important to my blog that I have officially dubbed him the Life of Lacey mascot. He brings the laughs when the blog needs laughs. He brings the cuteness when the blog needs cuteness. He is on top of his game and he knows it. Today, is THE Tuna's birthday.


Tuna turns 6 today, which is 36 in cat years.

Which means we have enjoyed/endured 6 years of getting mats out of his fur, and when they got to be too difficult, taking drastic measures.

6 years of mandatory every other day litter box cleaning due to Tuna's princessy habits.

Be assured that the Coors Light box is not his litter box, but just a cute stand-in picture since a picture of his litter box would be less than appealing.
 6 years of ensuring that we could not see the bottom of the food bowl or else an all out meow-fest ensued.

Oh no, that is not acceptable. I will meow and meow until you either 1) add more food or 2) kick the bowl to fill in this hole. Don't play me. I'm not even kidding.
6 years of never having this princess (I say princess, but we all know he's a boy, right?) of a cat sit directly on our laps. If by chance there is a pillow in your lap, then yes, he will oblige and sit atop the pillow.

6 years of having to hide our hands under our pillows or under the covers in the mornings. Because, if Tuna is ready for breakfast, and any fingers are in plain sight, he will just start nibbling on those until we get up to feed him.

6 years of catbrotherly love/hate between him and Reese.


6 years of wondering if Tuna would ever get to be grown-up sized. He's still a wee little runt.


& 6 years of catly love, of course.


Sure, Tuna has more quirks than he has pounds on the scale, and sure, him and his fur make us have to sweep more often than we would ever want to, but we love him. And since this is the first year I actually even knew which day was his birthday (due to me finding some old vet paperwork), we made this a really good one for him and gave him all the extra attention he deserved. And I probably screamed "IT'S THE BIRTHDAY BOY" every time he walked in to the room today and startled him...every single time. Just some good ol' birthday fun, that's all, Tuna!

So wish the Life of Lacey mascot eleventy million more years of life, because I can't even think about what we'd do without him. He's the bestest, and you know you love him too, even if you haven't ever met him and despise cats. Even the cat haters love Tuna.

Happiest Happy Birthday Teepers!

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MillerMama said...

I love that cat! Just looking at him he looks like he has a great personality. Alas, I don't know when my cat's bday is (sometime in April I think?)- I'm a terrible mom!