Sunday, January 9, 2011


This guy's name is John. He's my husband and he's a pretty funny guy. I kinda like him, and I like the fact that he is constantly giving me more blogging material.

He has astigmatism which requires him to wear contacts daily. But sometimes in the evenings, he gets tired of having the contacts in and will take them out.

But say perhaps, that he wants to watch TV or play a game on my phone before he goes to sleep, but it is after the contacts' removal? How is he able to do that without some sort of vision assistance apparatus?

Most people would say, "Well, he should also have a pair of glasses with his prescription for times like these." Which is a very valid point, and why he recently bought a brand new pair of glasses.

Because, before this recent purchase, John has had the same pair of glasses for about 10 years. & they have taken a beating.

Meet, John's "spectacles":


If you can't tell, those glasses don't actually have invisible arms. There aren't any at all. And there are no nose pads, either. They simply rest atop his nose in such a way that he cannot move his head's position at all or else they'd fall. But not to worry, he's gotten so much practice that he can even walk around with them on these days. He's an expert.

They weren't purchased 10 years ago without arms or nose pads, obviously. But over the years, pieces of them periodically broke off.

First, it was just one arm which didn't cause him too much trouble. They still worked pretty well with only one arm. But then a couple years later when the other arm kicked the bucket, he began to get creative.

(And this is the part where I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of them years ago.)

When he finally determined that there was no hope in reattaching the arms, John attached a string to each side which he measured to fit the circumference of his head. He would put the glasses on like you'd put on a hat, stretching the string around his head to hold his glasses on.

Which leads us to now. The string eventually got discarded too and John mastered the art of holding glasses up on his nose. & it's just been our secret for all of these years until now, when I finally convinced him to allow me to share this funny with the entire WWW. I have to say though, I'll miss the spectacles when his new glasses come in this week. Normalcy is so overrated.

Maybe next I can convince him to let me share the video of him dancing in a contest at the resort on our honeymoon. I'll keep working on's just too good to keep to ourselves. Come on y'all, help me convince won't be sorry!

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MillerMama said...

Too funny! I have astigmatism too, but I have never been able to wear contacts and neither has my hubby. We're a family of 4-eyes-ers. BUT all our glasses are intact! Very inventive, that hubby of yours.