Tuesday, January 25, 2011

iPhone Antics: IV


Round 4? Sure, why not.

These are random pictures taken with my iPhone that I can't bear to delete, but they are not facebook share-worthy. So they get dumped here especially for you! You can thank me later.

Back in October, we went to a local Oktoberfest with our friends Drew and Cathrin. Cathrin is from Germany, so she was pretty excited to go. While we were there, Cathrin wanted a picture to text to her family in Germany. She didn't realize the American flag was behind us, ruining a perfectly good Germanized picture. What's an American flag doing at Oktoberfest, anyways?


Remember Patrick? Well, he does pretty random things sometimes. Like, putting on coworker Katie's jacket, walking over to my desk, and requesting a picture. Who am I to deny him? (And yes, this was pre-haircut.)


I play the iPhone game 'Words With Friends' daily. It's scrabble, basically. I play against one of my best friends Matt, and I'm a little embarrassed to admit that he wins the majority of the time. I guess the game was starting to realize this too when it gave me this set of letters:
(I disagree, by the way. Women Rule!)

I've mentioned that my family and I like to go to garage sales in the Spring and Fall. Well, this one Saturday we may have gone a little overboard, I'd say.

And finally, today I had Chinese for lunch from one of my favorite places near my work. I always get the same thing (General Tso Chicken with Fried Rice), yet today when I placed my order they informed me that they no longer had fried rice, just steamed white and steamed brown rice. I about flipped my lid...NO FRIED RICE!? What kind of place is this!?

For what it's worth, I thought the white rice was pretty good once I put soy sauce on it. But it is no fried rice!

Maybe, just maybe, next time I do an iPhone picture post, I'll have the iPhone 4 or maybe the mysterious iPhone 5...one can only dream!


MillerMama said...

I love this concept! I have some really random pics on my phone that no one ever gets to enjoy!

P.S. - You gave you some blog bling, sister. Check out my latest post for the details!

amandaloren said...

LOL, i gave you the same award:) You don't have to repost but just know its there and you had double love lol