Sunday, January 30, 2011

Drowned Rat Part II

I know I've shared bath time pictures of Tuna once before, but the pictures from today were so funny that I had to share again. I thought I was just going to post the one picture in my 365, but there were too many good ones that I can't not share.

Tuna is 1% body and 99% fur. So when he gets a bath and that fur gets matted down, he can look pretty hysterical. & I know I've talked about how he's not the smartest cat in the whole world, but I'm thinking now that it has to do with his head size. I mean, his head is so tiny there must not be much space for too much brainage. Poor thing. At least he's cute!

So it all begins with a little rinse. John installed this sprayer thing in the spare bathroom (that has never been used except for the cats) so that it would be easier to bathe the felines. I think it's great, but Tuna disagrees.

Close your eyes, little buddy!
And then whew, that's over. He starts thinking it's not so bad.


Next comes the shampoo.


& a little scrub a dub dub, starting with his head.

It's not that bad!

Then as John gets more shampoo, Tuna starts looking for an escape route.


But before he's able to escape, the rinsing starts again.


& he HATES it! And I hate that the sprayer got in the way of this picture, because from what I can tell, that is one fierce face for a 5 pound animal.


I'm thinking it looked like this face, only meaner.


See what I mean about his head size? I also think I should adjust my formula to: 1% body, 1% ears, and 98% fur.


Before long the bath part is over and its time to dry off in the towel.


The fun isn't over yet though. & Tuna looks thrilled about the next step: the hairdryer.


& finally, we get out his comb and he starts looking more like himself again.


But at least he's clean, and we can all get a good laugh about it.

The small print: No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post. Egos, maybe, but physically he's fine.


Joy said...

Bless his tiny little heart!! These pictures are hilarious!!

Mrs. B said...

Oh Tuna! Love him. He is so sweet. I can't believe he just stands there like that!

Missy said...

Those pics are priceless, I have to say I laughed a little. My dog, Carly is the same way, she has a tiny body but lots of hair so she looks very similar when I give her a bath!

MillerMama said...

Ha! Priceless! I bet that's what my Sophie would like if I ever gave her a bath. Just curious - do your cats go outside? I've never given mine a bath and we only bathed the cats I had at my parents' house when they got fleas.

Lacey said...

Hey Miller (and Miller Lite!). They don't go outside, but we bathe them every few months just to get rid of all of the extra fur that they shed and because it makes them smell so good! :) They probably do a good job on their own, but we're just mean parents!

katandkarl said...

This post and photos = amazing. Love it! I've never given a cat bath but THIS - it's exactly as I imagined one would go!