Saturday, December 25, 2010

Up to date.

Merry Christmas!

It's 11 or so on Christmas night, it's snowing (the first time I've ever seen snow on Christmas day), and I am so congested and stuffy that I can't breathe. So instead of laying down and me risking my life ('cause you know if I closed my mouth I'd lose my air supply and not breathing = not living), I thought I could bring you all up to date on mundane things going on with me. Sound fun? Great!

  • I got a new camera lens for "Christmas". Why the "" you ask? Because it really wasn't for Christmas, but more of an 'I want this and I'm going to buy it for myself and use the upcoming holiday for an excuse.' I love it. I also got this thing for the flash (since I don't want to be TOO dorky and have one of those gigantic flash thingamajigs....I like to take my dorkiness one step at a time) that I also love lots and lots. Expect better pictures from me coming soon. (And if they aren't better, tell me how to fix them, please!) But that's one more thing checked off my 101 list...yay!
  • Reese still loves to lay on shoes. [P.S. These are some of the better pictures I said were coming soon.]
  • The trashed ornament has been replaced. The original was never found. I added the cats in the windows...tell me it's cute. John has also accidentally trashed something else of mine since then. We're working on the problem.
  • Pierre has won the heart of a neighbor, and she plans on getting him neutered and then taking him in. She renamed him to Eli. I don't know why Pierre didn't just speak up and tell her his name was Pierre. It's so much more sophisticated than Eli.

  • Wyatt hasn't lost any of his original cuteness in the last 3 months. Don't believe me? I'll prove it:

(Next time I'll remind Wyatt my blog has a PG rating and nakedness is against the rules.)

I think that covers everything. & for an update on me: it's still snowing and I still can't breathe. It's gonna be a long night.

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