Monday, December 6, 2010



Back in February, we officially entered the realm of crazy cat people. We were teetering on the edge already with 2 cats in a 2 bedroom house. [I'm pretty sure the 'crazy cat people status' formula is that you can have ONE cat for each bedroom in your home. Therefore, 2 bedrooms = maximum 2 cats. Any more than that equals crazy cat people.] [P.S. I totally just made that up.]

Anyways, where was I? Oh yes. In February, our already-full cat hearts expanded a bit more when a sad little stray cat started hanging out on our front porch each day. He had the raspiest of all raspy cat voices, and from what I could tell (I've never actually touched him) he only had a couple of teeth left. But he had taken up residence in our Pier One Chairs which I may have mentioned a time or two before. [I know you are thinking - okay woman, how many times can you actually blog about some flippin' chairs. But this is it, I promise!] But since that was his favorite spot to hang out, I began calling him Pierre. Get it? PIER one, PIERre. Hahaha, I'm so darn clever. (Feel free to tell me so in the comment section.) [{(Feel free to also comment on my crazy, obsessive use of parentheticals of all kinds.)}]

Meet Pierre!
& we all know once you name an animal you've unofficially adopted it. But we weren't going to bring sicky outside cat inside with our healthy inside cats. So we decided we'd be okay with him being an outside cat and we'd just buy the cheap cat food for him because he'd be happy to have anything. So after a few days of giving him some of Reese and Tuna's expensive food, I finally made it to the store and bought him a bag of cat food of his very own. He was happy to have a new family to give him food and we saw him daily for a little while.

But only a day or two after I bought the little sucker a bag of food, he disappeared. Ungrateful pussy.

Then, at some point last week Pierre randomly decided to come back! As I was decorating my Christmas tree, I glanced towards the front door and there the little creepster sat. He startled me, but not so bad that I couldn't grab my camera to photograph his return. (But I was actually too startled to wash the door so that you can actually see through the glass, allegedly.)

But, that cat food that was purchased in early March is long gone. We may have fed it to our inside healthy cats when we were trying to push back the trip to the pet store to buy more of their food "just one more day." And I don't know if Pierre deserves another bag of food. He just ran off 9 months ago without even giving us a proper goodbye. Then he just strolls back up our sidewalk with a fat belly and expects us to take him back?

We're not stupid Pierre and one thing is perfectly clear. You have been cheating on us and the evidence is all over that fat belly. You suckered somebody else in to feed you and then when you realized that they didn't have cushy chairs for you to sleep in, you have now tried to come back to us. I feel used and abused.

So my question to you is...should we let him back in our little cat hearts?


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MillerMama said...

This whole post cracked me up! This means I can get 2 more cats based on your equation...hmmm...

I would see if he keeps hanging out for a couple days and then probably cave and feed him.