Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I had the entire week off of work this week. You would've thought I'd have ample blogging opportunity. But seeing as how I had to dust the keyboard off before I turned on the computer today, I realize that wasn't the case. (Well that and the fact that it has needed a dusting for a month or so now.)

So, in case I don't see you between now and the time the jolly fat man makes his rounds, let me leave you with these. We sent out two different Christmas cards this year because I wanted to take advantage of each web site's offers of free Christmas cards.

From, I made these. If you were one of the lucky 9 people that got these, that just means you are one of our top 9 friends to get a drink with.

Fullscreen capture 12232010 62543 PM

And from, I made these. These were for the other 50 of you. I would've wrote you a cute little poem too, but shutterfly limited my lines of text. The nerve of them to do so.

Fullscreen capture 12232010 62712 PM.bmp-1

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Love you bunches, and especially my 35 loyal Life of Lacey followers...y'all are the best!


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MillerMama said...

Cute cards! Hope you have a great Christmas!