Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Reese!


Today is my darling cat's birthday, and he turns a whopping 6 years old! (That's 36 in cat years!) This is the first year we've actually known it was Reese's birthday, as I came across the cat's veterinary records a couple of months ago which had their birthdays on it. Reese didn't ask for much for his birthday, but his main request was that I take the next week off and spend the majority of my time at home with him. What kind of mother would I be if I didn't oblige?

And since I so rarely talk about my cats on my blog, I figured that I'd tell you all about Reese on this joyous 6th birthday of his.

Reese came to be our pet sometime in early 2005. We had recently lost our first cat when he didn't make it through an ordinary neutering/declawing surgery and were ready to have a new feline love in our lives. We picked Reese from a shelter in Fort Mill, SC that had just gotten a new litter of kittens. We knew we wanted a boy, and after having picked his (presumably) brother out, we second guessed our pick when we checked Reese's parts and saw that he was CLEARLY more noticeably a boy than the first kitten we picked. Not wanting to chance it with the other kitten that could have possibly been of the female variety, we chose Reese. So ultimately, we chose Reese because he had bigger balls.


Reese is a mischievous little kitty. He tends to get bored of napping on the same ol' things. His favorite places include: the foot of the bed, the window sill, and on top of anything that is in the floor. Which is my reasoning to John why I leave shoes and other items in the floor - "But Reese likes it!" As in Exhibit A: Reese laying on my shoes in the floor:


But like I said, Reese gets bored of the same old places and will change it up from time to time.


And even though this next picture has less to do with the birthday boy and more to do with his dear father, I can't help but to include it. Apparently the lid to the cat food dispenser was loose. But if I recall (it was about 5 years ago), I think it had more to do with the drunkeness of the pourer and less to do with the pouring mechanism itself. Reese was also really confused it seems.


I miss the days when dear Reese slept on my pillow instead of at my feet, but something tells me he wouldn't fit as well these days.


But that's okay Reese - you are the best lap cat too! And as long as my belly stays small enough, I'll have room for the both of us there!


Happy Birthday Reesie Piecey! Meow!

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MillerMama said...

Aw, happy birthday to your furbaby! I'm such a cat person :) We have pictures of my Sophie in the hamper and laundry basket too.