Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Birthday John!



You once ate my last piece of birthday cake,
I often send you back out to further cook my steak,
You insist (on Sundays) to have a milkshake,
And you know how to fix anything may it break.


Wow, you really enjoy playing your video game,
You're my go-to guy when I need to hang a frame,
Tuppy is our code word, our made-up nickname,
& thanks to you, I'll never look at kamikazes the same.

Paris - Eiffel Tower (35)
You're impulsive to a fault,
You sneer at my occasional use of salt,
You are the #1 cleaner of the litter box,
& you enjoy chasing me with your dirty socks.


There's not too much you don't do well,
(but one of those things is know how to spell),
I appreciate how often you cook for me,
'Cause when I cook it's not as good, you see.

Venice - Gondola (2)

Your Mom would be so proud of you,
For there's nothing that you cannot do,
You are you and there is no changing that,
I'm just lucky you are nice to look at!


On this birthday which begins the last year of your twenties,
Make sure you try and make it one of the besties.
Me and the cats have just a little somethin' to say,
We love you more each and every day.

(I figured the most appropriate place to take Tuna's picture was on the counter...the place we most often catch him on and scold him for! Poor thing was so confused when I put him up there!)
(Totally didn't like my real picture holding the 'John!' sign, so I made my own!)
 I love you!



MillerMama said...

Too cute! My cat would never stay in one place long enough to take those pictures, especially if I tried to put a sign on her! Happy bday to your hubby!

Missy said...

Aww Happy Birthday John! please pass along to him for me! It seems like forever since I have seen him!

The Beane's said...

How cute! Tell John Happy Birthday from me!