Thursday, December 9, 2010

10+ Years And Going Strong: Craft Night


Sunday, my family and I kept up with one of our yearly traditions by having craft night. Each year, we each come up with a Christmas craft to make, and then buy enough supplies for everyone to make it. Except for our newest addition, Racheal (Colt's fiance), who came for the first time this year to get a feel for everything.

I guess since she was new this year, she thought she could test the waters and push the limits a little bit. For our first craft, a chunky wooden Christmas tree by Christy, Racheal tried to show some creativity and stacked her blocks of wood in a different way than what we were instructed.

New Folder (3)-2

Who does she think she is, trying to show creativity on craft night of all nights? We sternly told her there was no such rule breaking allowed, and she promptly tucked her tail between her legs and followed the rules from then on out. It's a good thing, because can you even imagine what her tree would have looked like stacked the other way?? I don't even want to think about it.


Next, we made these cute little frame hangy things courtesy of the Mama. Basically: painted frames, wire, cute little clothespins and clips, and voila: frame hangy thing which can be used at Christmas for hanging cards or other little Christmasy items, and throughout the year to hang other seasonal things!


To attach the wires, we solicited help from the Daddy and his tools.

But while we each waited our turn for his help, some of us had a little impromptu photo shoot right there in the shed.

New Folder (3)1

When we came back inside, we did a quick craft from my nephew Seth,

and then we began working on my craft o' the year: the book wreath. Yes, I do realize it is not a Christmas craft and you may be thinking that now I am the one breaking the rules. But I assure you in the craft night rule book, there is a statute (1.3.1) that states that as long as you (meaning me) have always had the best crafts in previous years, that you may bring whatever you'd like. And since I have always had the best crafts, I was allowed. So there.

I knew that my craft was a little time consuming, so I suggested we just get started on them that night, and then finish them up at home. Homework, if you will. At next years craft night I'm going to need to see to it that everyone completed their task.


So since we didn't finish them that night, some of the pupils began misbehaving with their unfinished book wreaths.

Recently Updated18

Of course I had no part in the misbehaving, and promptly finished my wreath once home. I am just patiently waiting on my dear husband to hang it over my desk for me. I wish I had a library in our house because this would be the perfect decor! [Although if I had a library I suppose I would need to own more than 5 books. Oops, make that 4.]

016 (2)

Finally, Joy's craft was a square wreath made by using a frame, garland, and wreath picks. It was getting late at this point and the majority of us decided to add this to our homework list and to finish it later.


Craft night is definitely one of my favorite holiday traditions. It's another great time with my family that I look forward to each December. But, since I couldn't possibly end this on a sappy note...

What did Adam say the day before Christmas?

It's Christmas, Eve!


MillerMama said...

This is such a cute tradition! I love it! (Not enough to institute it myself being all non-crafty and all...but very cute nonetheless!)

Andrea/ 'HoulaMom said...

So cute! I wish I was crafts usually end up broke, because I throw them. Haha...true story...