Saturday, November 6, 2010

'Twas A Lazy Morn

Woke up late around 10:00. John was gone playing disc golf with his buddies. I had nothing to do and so (as usual) I wasted a couple hours on the internet. But I wasn't alone in my laziness.

Tuna was right by my keyboard waiting for the slightest flinch of my hand in his direction. Meaning - as soon as my hand starts moving his way he gets all excited thinking he's going to get pet.


And Reese was right behind me on the floor, soaking up the sun coming through the window, and having himself a little cat nap.


I just love a good, lazy, cozy morning.

And, on a completely different topic which probably deserves it's own blog post but I'm too lazy to do that, here is a conversation overheard on the train ride home from work yesterday. These types of funnies are becoming so common on the train I may start a new feature on the blog called OTT, or "Overheard on the Train Today." Stay tuned.

Dude #1: ...Nah man, he was cut from the team. He plays overseas now.

Dude #2: For real? I didn't know that man!

Dude #1: Yeah man. He had a gambling and alcohol problem and was cut from the team. He plays overseas now in Canada.

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The Beane's said...

I love a lazy morning too!
Great pictures!