Friday, November 5, 2010


Want to hear the story of how John and I both ended up in tears at a restaurant in Washington D.C?

Well, on our last night in DC, John and I were searching on the Trip Advisor mobile site for a restaurant that was not only close to our hotel, but that had good reviews. (I make all vacation and traveling decisions based on the Trip Advisor reviews...if you haven't used it, you should!) Since we were in more of a residential area of DC our choices were limited. Ultimately though, we decided on the Froggy Bottom Pub only a few blocks away.

The reviews of Froggy Bottom said all of the food was pretty good, but several people mentioned that the Phở was the best thing here. Neither of us had ever heard of Phở, but Dr. Google came to our rescue and explained that it is a Vietnamese noodle soup. John was interested in trying it, however I was not. I know you're surprised.

Pho Neon signWhen we get to the restaurant and look over our menus, John notices that even though the neon Phở sign was in the window, the Phở was no where to be found on the menu. When the waitress came over John asked her about the Phở and she tells us that they do in fact have it but it's not on the menu with all of the American food they serve. It's sort of a members only item I guess, and the exclusiveness of the dish sells John. He orders the Phở with chicken and I order a turkey club with french fries.

Before the food comes, the waitress comes back and drops off two condiment bottles and a plate of garnishes which include sprouts, cilantro, limes, and onions. We have no idea what any of this is for, but didn't want to give ourselves away to all of the locals who are slurping down their Phở all around us so John accepts it like he's a Phở expert - a Phexpert, if you will.

Finally the soup is served and John prepares to dig in as any Phexpert would. He throws some of the garnishes into the soup, and tests the two condiments on the saucer. The first one was in a red bottle much like what we normally see ketchup served in and the other was in a clear bottle and contained a typical Asian sauce of some sort. When he squeezes a drop from the red bottle onto the saucer, he immediately exclaims "ketchup" and puts it aside. He had no interest in adding ketchup to his soup. He then tried the other sauce and eventually decides to add it to his soup after he had already eaten about half of it. (Am I the only one that thinks it's weird to add a sauce to a soup?)

After he added the sauce he instantly liked the Phở so much more, and so I suggest that the "ketchup" is probably not ketchup and is actually another sauce for his soup. Seeing as how there was already a bottle of Heinz on the table, he decides that I may be right and dips his finger in the drop he originally made on his saucer and tastes it.


Apparently it was extremely hot and not ketchup at all! But that didn't deter him from squeezing a very generous amount into his Phở. John is a spicy foods lover, but this was apparently just too much. Poor thing was biting into the limes & slurping down his beer as fast as he could to try and put out the fire in his mouth. His nose was running and he was tearing up a bit, or to translate that into man-code, "his eyes were watering". He must have had an eyelash in his eye, or something.

But want to know who actually was crying during this whole situation? That would be me. I was laughing so hard at all of it that I cried. And that is how we both ended up in tears right there in the Froggy Bottom Pub.

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MillerMama said...

I love Trip Advisor! I use it for everything too. Restaurants, hotels...

That's funny! At least you were adventurous!