Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Chris!

Today is my brother-in-law Chris' birthday! Happy Birthday Chris!


Chris has been a part of our family now for 24ish years...which is practically my entire memorable life since I don't think I remember too much before the age of 4. Well, except for the memories of swimming around in a very little pool and getting flushed out through a narrow canal. But, besides that I have no memories before age 4.

Chris is married to my sister Christy and they were high school sweethearts. & college sweethearts. & married sweethearts. & parent sweethearts. & in a few weeks, parents-to-a-teenager sweethearts!


So basically he is no "in-law" but an older brother instead. I mean, after a certain number of years I think the in-law status starts diminishing. But then that would mean my "brother" is married to my sister, which would just be weird. So, forget I ever said it. In other words, he has been around since my younger brother and I were kids, and I think he is closer to my family than most in-laws usually are!



If I were giving out superlatives yearbook-style for my family, Chris would definitely win "Most Likely to Make You Spit Out Your Drink From Laughter" because he is our families comedic relief. He may also be in the running for "Best Dressed" seeing as how he claimed to be wearing ruby red slippers à la Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz the other day. Very fashionista of you, Chris!

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Hope you have a marvelous birthday Chris! Can't wait to celebrate with you on Tuesday, and not have your birthday overshadowed by that turkey again! That pesky bird, he is.

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Chris said...

Just read this. Thank Sis!