Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Epic Tale of the Hair Plan

A few months ago, my coworker Patrick asked myself and my other coworker Katie for help with his hair. He needed a new 'do and asked for us to send him some suggestions.

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Given the current state of his affairs (ahairs?), we obliged, sent several suggestions, and they were all shot down. We had to bring in a professional (Reagan), and she suggested all of this which I told you about here. Patrick was satisfied with all of her suggestions and marched himself to the salon with the printed blog in his hands.

When he got back, it was better, but wasn't as dramatic as we had hoped. He claimed that it would be in time, as his stylist had placed him on a hair plan


So we waited. & waited. & then he went back for phase 2 of the plan and when he got back it was no different than before. I didn't even take pictures of it because I was disappointed. I mean, come on Patrick! Do YOU want to be happy with your hair (which he was) or do you want Katie and I to be happy with it? I think the answer is obvious! Keep the coworkers happy!

This week, Patrick finally decided (due to no coercion from us, of course) that he wanted something different and had me take a long hair farewell picture.

He looks like he might cry at any moment! It's just hair, Patrick!

On Friday, he very nervously marched himself down to the salon and got a totally different look. I think the pictures of the results speak for themselves.

West siiiiide!

Katie and I are quite happy with our his new hair. And Patrick is too! How do I know? Well, for the first time since he and I have been Facebook friends, his profile picture is of him and not some inanimate object.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The end.

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Missy said...

guys are so funny! but his hair looks great!