Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmasfying Our Home

From my 101 in 1001 list, #86: Go to the mountains to cut down my own Christmas tree - CHECK!
Well, maybe I didn't exactly cut it down myself, but this nice man with a chainsaw did when I asked him to - same difference, right?

If I were forced to use a hand saw and chop it down myself, there is a very good chance I would still be in the mountains hacking away at the tree now - a full 30 hours later. & we wouldn't want that for me, right?

But let's back up a little bit. Back to the part before I became an accessory to the murder of my poor Christmas tree.

My sister, nephews, parents and I drove up to the North Carolina Mountains to pick out our Christmas trees at Circle C farm. It is only about a 2.5 hour drive which isn't bad considering we normally drive 2 minutes to the Home Depot and pay half the price for our Christmas tree. You read that right - it is about twice the price and 75 times the distance away to get our Christmas tree here. But, it's all about the experience!

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My experience included the following: forgetting to take my good camera and having to use my little point and shoot, forgetting socks and having to borrow my mom's, spilling hot warm chocolate on my leg, holding on to my sister's arm for her dear life as she nearly slid off the back of the hayride up the mountain, becoming overwhelmed with the Christmas tree selection process, and having another wonderful time with my family whom I love so dearly!

I finally did choose this beautiful and fat tree. I'm hoping that little guy in front of it was not it's son, or I'll feel really bad for splitting up his family.
DISCLAIMER: Don't judge me and my lumpiness- I had gloves and other things (I'm sure) in my pockets making me look so lumpy!
John was originally supposed to go on this trip with me, but at the last minute made me a deal I couldn't refuse. He stayed home and cleaned the house, PLUS, got out all of the empty storage containers for my fall decor and got out all of my Christmas decorations in preparation for me to decorate the house and tree. I loathe dragging that stuff out so I considered that a fair deal!

When I got home, we put the tree up and I noticed that he had very "neatly" stacked all of the boxes of Christmas decorations around the kitchen table. But I shouldn't complain because I guess the word 'neatly' wasn't in our deal (or in his vocabulary, for that matter). [Another disclaimer: that's totally a joke because of the two of us, he is probably neater than I am!]

But, I pulled through and was able to decorate the tree and our house today without too much trouble. I quite like it all so far, but I need more! A trip to Garden Ridge or Wal-Mart is in my future - just don't tell John.

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This little guy quite likes it the span of one day he upgraded his nap time digs from a torn, too-small shoe box to a romantic and warm spot under the tree.

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He seems quite pleased, I'd say.


MillerMama said...

That shoebox picture cracks me up! And congrats on cutting down a 'real tree' - ours is artificial, but that seems so Christmas-y!

Amelia said...

That cat makes me smile. Thanks for sharing. Your house looks so festive! Have a Merry Christmas.