Friday, November 19, 2010

#37 - Just Call Me Timely Tammy

From my 101 in 1001 list, '# 37 - Make the on-time train every day for 2 weeks' is complete!

I decided to try and knock out one of the tougher items on the list and I cannot believe I was able to do it on my first attempt, to be perfectly honest. To prove it to you, I took a picture of my clock (which has the date AND time on it) each morning when I got to my desk.

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& before you call my bluff, the time is only 9:01 on November 8th because it was the first day back to work after falling back for Daylight Saving Time, and I took a picture before I set the clock back.

The train comes every 10 minutes, and I strive to make the one that puts me at my desk right at 8:00 (+/- a minute or two depending on elevator waits). But, if I'm struggling in the morning I don't feel guilty for being 10 minutes late and will just take the next train. I should feel guilty, but I don't...which is why I put this on my list. But now that my two weeks are over, I have learned my lesson and feel very enlightened.

The learned lesson:  Never again will I subject my coworkers to the monstrosity that was my hair this past Wednesday just to arrive to work on time. It just wasn't worth it. With an extra 10 minutes I could've made something really beautiful, I am sure of it! Something like this, perhaps?


Beautiful, yes?

I fell asleep with my hair soaking wet the night before and maybe hit snooze a time or two too many that morning. Which meant I had about 5 minutes tops to make something presentable out of bedhead, and that was simply impossible. I think I ended up disguising the bedhead wave on the top of my head with a gold headband, and then pony-tailed/bunned the rest of it up.

But I wasn't about to throw a week and a half's worth of being on time in the trash for one bad hair day! I sucked it up and hid in my cubicle for the day in an effort not to scare anyone.

All that matters is this one word though: CHECK!

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