Thursday, September 23, 2010

What My Brain Sounds Like

Ever wonder what it would sound like to hear someone else's thoughts? Humor me & just say yes.

Well, my brain tends to go on crazy tangents with one semi-sensible thought leading to the next semi-related thought, and so on. I hope that I'm not the only one with a brain that ticks this way...tell me yours is the same, please??

But regardless, this was a snippet of my brain activity today. It took my fastiest fastest typing fingers to keep up with one thought after another...and this was all within 10 minutes or so...

You know in movies how if the narrator is narrating the character's thoughts, that the voice is all echoey-like like if they were sitting on a toilet when they narrated that part? You might want to read this with that echoey bathroom voice in mind to give it the full effect. Just a thought.

I'm from the south y'all. I'm southern enough to say y'all , but not so much to say reckon, tarnation or varmint. Feel like you are gettin' a handle on my southerness?

I don't think I have much of an accent. But, I'm sure some people would tell me differently. Apparently when placing my lunch order a couple of weeks ago, I asked for cornbread and really southernized coooornbread. Hey, it happens to the best of us.

And just so you non-southerners know, a toboggan is a hat worn in winter, and the fizzy stuff you drink is called soda.


Speaking of soda, Dr. Pepper is my favorite. It's my drink of choice to wake me up on days where waking doesn't happen as naturally as I'd like to. Especially since I still haven't made friends with Mr. Coffee.

Dr. Pepper is the combination of all of the best flavors all rolled into one super satisfying drink. 23 flavors, to be exact. And those knock off store brands aren't bad - Dr. Perfect, Dr. Thunder, etc. - but I'm thinking they are lacking 5-6 of those 23 key flavors.

Many times I have gone into a restaurant thinking that I would like something other than Dr. Pepper to drink, but when the time comes to request my drink I am so rehearsed into saying 'Dr. Pepper' that I do just that and forget! D'oh!

& finally, the best Dr. Pepper most definitely comes in a can, not a bottle.

I used to have a "friend" (I say "friend" 'cause he was more of a friend-of-a-friend type) that drove around in his old Blazer using a Dr. Pepper bottle as his pretend gear shift. His Blazer was an automatic.

I'm not sure if he was ashamed that he was a young 20-something and he didn't have the fast, manual transmissioned sports car like so many of our other friends had, or what. All I know is that he had a permanent empty Dr. Pepper bottle that stayed in his cup holder that he used as a pretend gear shift. I'm not sure if he had taped a pretend clutch into his floorboard or not. All I know is that as the automatic transmission went from gear to gear, his Dr. Pepper bottle was simultaneously locked into each gear as well. I wonder if he could even drive a stick, or if it was all just a facade.

I can't. Drive a stick, that is. I get the logic; I understand the basics. But, when it comes to actually putting those basics into action, I get all flustered. I'm such a logic-minded person that it doesn't make sense to me how I can clearly understand how something needs to happen and yet I still cannot do it. Therefore, the only shifting I do is on a keyboard.

Once, I was waiting for my then-boyfriend John to come out of work and for whatever reason I was sitting in the driver's seat of his manual-transmissioned Eagle Talon. I was in a parking deck and thought I might finally get the chance to learn how to drive a manual since I was all by myself. (I seem to learn better when peeps aren't looking at me and telling me what to do!) So, I decided I'd back out of the parking spot and make a loop and pick John up at the elevator when he came out.

I was never even able to back out of the space. I slid over to the passenger seat and accepted defeat and told no one of my failed attempt...until now.

& speaking of failed attempts - this is my failed attempt at ending this with something witty or something even remotely related to my other random thoughts.


Martin Lewis said...

Brill post. My Brain does the same. Loved the part about narrating. So funny.

Martin Lewis said...
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