Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Welcome to the World, Wyatt

elcome, Wyatt! We have been Waiting on you! Way to go choosing a Monday instead of say, a Wednesday to join us...I definitely Wanted that extra day to my Weekend by staying out of Work. We Wuv you already!

And now I'll introduce Wyatt to the WWW because that is What We do in the year 2010 - you Wiggle your Way out of the Womb, get Wrapped up in a White blankie, and before you are even one day old, the World bears Witness to your adorable face and Welcomes you as if you Were their own.

Which, if Mommy and Daddy aren't careful, this White girl might just Whip you up and take you home With me. Who can blame me?

No, no...no Weeping Wyatt. I take it back...

...I Won't take you from your new Wonderful Wittle family.

Big Whopping congratulations to my baby brother Colt and his love, Racheal for their new journey. And congrats to baby Wyatt for Winding up With a family that has so many people to love you.

(and no Worries, Wyatt, there are even a lot more people Where they came from that you have yet to meet!)

And, Was it really any surprise or coincidence that the letter you must use to make a heart symbol in that collage above Was a "W"? It's just a sign that you are loved, Wee little one!

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Kasia Fink said...

There are only two things to say: Wow and Well done!! ;)