Saturday, September 4, 2010

Memory Marathon: The First Few Miles

I spent a good part of my day Friday working on my marathon - a marathon of the picture-scanning type. It turned out to be pretty darn educational. & what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't enlighten the readers with my newly acquired knowledge, eh? (I'm not Canadian, but I like using eh, eh?)

So, prepare to be enlightened.

1. First, I learned that if it wasn't for photo quality and clothing/fashion changing over the decades, I would have a pretty hard time distinguishing between these 3 people.

Those 3 pictures are of 3 different people, and only two of them are twins. The other is their mother. I rhyme in my free time.

2. I then learned that's it is possible to for me be scared by a giant animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex on three different occasions within 2 years of each other. I feel validated though because my friend Tracey and my brother Colt were also pretty frightened, as well as some other strangers in our cars it seems.

3. I learned that not only did my family single-handedly keep Olan Mills in business, but also the fact that my Daddy preferred to wear his shades in his Olan Mills photo shoots. I mean, since he frequented the place as often as he did, he probably became pretty famous around there. Meaning, he had to wear his shades to disguise himself from the Olan Mills paparazzi.

4. I learned - well, actually my suspicions were confirmed - that I am the least athletic person in my family. While my sisters, brother, and even nephews participated in countless seasons of baseball, cheerleading, and soccer, I only participated in ONE season of cheerleading. And I'm sure I klutzed my way through that one season too.

I guess since I got the good looks, they all had to get something.

5. And finally, I learned that global warming is obviously a load of crap. (Not that I didn't already know that.) But, just to prove it to you, here I am one Christmas visiting Santa and I'm wearing a skirt without leggings or tights underneath...meaning it was obviously pretty mild that December. I know it's not super cold in December in North Carolina, but I don't think it is skirt-wearing mild anymore.

I think I'm going to suggest to the media and the "environmentalists" that we are moving towards an Ice Age instead. Panic!

Do you now feel enlightened, eh?

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Amelia said...

Ugh. Thanks for reminding me about all of my old pictures I still need to scan.

Did you know they are having global warming on Mars too? Those stupid Martians are destroying their planet!